MCVSD highschool – WaveLength tutoring + test prep courses

Having worked with WaveLength for the past six months in their six week tutoring class and in private lessons, I can say that WaveLength completely changed my perspective on standardized testing and the college application process. Though I attend a very vigorous MCVSD highschool, my scores at the time did not reflect the hard work I put into my schoolwork.

Daniel changed my entire mindset for the verbal section of the exam. Before my tutoring with Daniel, I felt hopeless with my score in that section and feared that I would not be able to improve. In just a couple months of tutoring, my score rose in the verbal section 80 points. Now, I have more confidence when taking the exam and feel that I have a “game plan” going into every verbal section.

Prior to my tutoring with Matt, if someone told me the score that I had just received on my math section of the exam I probably would have laughed. Matt’s tutoring not only changed my entire approach to taking ANY test, but motivated me to be confident in my skills and to trust the process. After my tutoring with Matt, my confidence not only rose for the SAT, but in other areas in my life. I cannot thank him enough for motivating me continuously, never doubting my abilities, and for always believing in me. The numbers can speak for themselves. From the beginning of my journey with WaveLength till now my SAT score has increased 250 points from my sophomore PSAT and it is not stopping there. I cannot thank Matt and Daniel enough for their help, and will always recommend WaveLength to anyone who is motivated and willing to work hard to achieve their dream score.