College Consultants

College Consultants: Marlee Napurano

Bring your whole family (and your list of questions) to the table as we explore what goes on behind the closed doors of college admissions, emphasizing the do's and don't's of essays, recommendations, school visits, and interviews. Once you understand the process, we do a thorough evaluation of your student's academic and extracurricular history, and devise a game plan for "packaging" and for improvements and repairs if needed. Next we tackle the college list and review and brainstorm the essay portion of the applications, addressing the Personal Statement and supplemental writing.

Your student will leave the session with a customized time-line from present to opening acceptance letters and a "To Do" list for the entire process.

Some popular questions answered in our seminar:

  • Should I use the Common Application?
  • What's a Supplement?
  • Should I apply Early Decision or Early Action?
  • How important is community service?
  • Is it bad to check off "undecided" as a major?
  • Do I have to visit?
  • How many recommendations is too many?
  • Should I retake my Subject Tests or my SAT?
  • Does the interview count?
  • Should I declare a major on my application?
  • If I take the ACT, should I still take SAT subject tests?

College Admission Consulting Session Length: aproximately 3 hrs.

Independent college counselor

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Our college admissions counselor, Marlee, works privately in your home

College Application Process

My experience with WaveLength tutoring and test prep has been exceptional. They have helped me so much in improving my math, reading and writing scores on the SAT. Also, when I started preparing for SAT subject tests, they were really helpful too. With their help, I was able to get that 800 for math! With their aid, I improved my score from my PSAT by 390 points! Furthermore, they were great in helping me during the college application process. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a SAT tutor. They are extremely helpful and accommodating and help you reach your highest potential.
Emily Reynolds

Locust, Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

College Journey

WaveLength has profoundly impacted my college journey. Through its caring and individualized process, WaveLength has helped me attain admission to my top choice university. I cannot thank Matt and Marlee enough for their time, patience, and unique approach to test-taking.
Alex Gordon

Atlantic Highlands, Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ 07748