Private Tutoring At Home or Online via Skype

The Core of the WaveLength Program

Truly Custom Teaching. We do not teach a “Method” or recite from a mass-produced instruction script. We bring a variety of fresh and effective techniques to our students and monitor response and results to find the ones that best suit each of them.

Continuity of Instruction. Other test prep programs present students with many different tutors for the same subjects. At WaveLength, we believe that this can produce a disjointed learning experience. We also have found that a student’s bond with his or her tutor can play a big part in the understanding and retaining of the material. The tutors who come to your house on day one will be your child’s only tutors; our tutors get to know their students on a personal level while guiding them through the entire prep course.

Progress Meetings. Marlee and Matthew and their tutors confer about their students in Progress Meetings to create a flow between the Math and Verbal and give your child a clear and unified approach to the test as a whole.

The Big Picture. At WaveLength, we go beyond the subjects of math and verbal and weave Confidence Building and Stress Blocking into everything we teach. Our emphasis on creative problem solving, relaxation, and “pat on the back” check points give our students the tools to actively focus and refresh to maximize performance during the 3hour 40min SAT. We have college admissions in mind, every step of the way.

Layout of Our Private Tutoring Courses

We recommend the following minimum (non-contracted, pay-per-lesson):
  • 8 –2hr Verbal Sessions
  • 8 –2hr Math Sessions
Private SAT prep, Private ACT prep, Monmouth, Ocean County, Wall Township, New Jersey

Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Designer: Matthew Makrinos


My teaching focuses on problem solving through pattern recognition and streamlined mental flow-charting. This foundation upon which SAT materials and life situations are based is the constant underpinning of my class. I avoid teaching “tricks” to solving problems and focus on one universal problem solving method which functions as the corner stone of SAT reasoning and of all deductive logic. I stress study skills, mental acumen, time management, awareness and elimination of silly mistakes, and conditioning by encouraging students to do head math and discouraging the constant use of calculators, which drain confidence and encumber.

Critical Reading and Writing

Curriculum Designer: Marlee Napurano


My approach to the Critical Reading and Writing sections centers on exposing how literal and formulaic the verbal questions are. On that platform I have built structured and efficient techniques for each type of question and my students practice these techniques until their familiarity with the material makes them virtually immune to silly mistakes and the stress of the test. Along the way, I teach students to point out (and laugh at) all the tricks and traps in the questions and answer choices so that these can no longer intimidate or confuse. Focusing on what you know, not what you don’t, living by the Law of the Dictionary, staying literal, and breaking the test into a series of short, concrete missions (in 5-15 minute intervals) are the main principles of my curriculum.