Basic classes -Lanzieri

This is to attest that Matt Makrinos has been tutoring our daughter, Elissa Lanzieri, for a period of approximately one year.

Matt Makrinos┬áis an extremely dedicated, responsible and most capable individual. He is not only extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter he is entrusted to teach, but he is also very perceptive of his student’s existing abilities, capabilities and potential aptitude. We have found him to not only teach the subject matter, but also include teaching strategies that are all-encompassing. His approach with the student is not only to provide the necessary knowledge of the subject, but to instill the confidence in the students’ capabilities and potential. Matt’s objective is not to ensure the grades go; but, more importantly, that the child truly learns and understands the subject matter. In this approach, the grades are a result of, not the means.

Matt Makrinos also know how to render the subject interesting and enjoyable. e is completely involved in the success of his students. He is not the typical tutor who simply comes in, does his duty and collects his due. First, he tries to get to know your child, even in getting to know their personal interests, and then he caters his program around satisfying his/her needs as well as aspirations. His goal is to ensure that your child is successful and he this by consistently trying to challenge him/her and the encouraging their accomplishments.

Our daughter’s weakness was Mathematics and she even built an aversion to the course. We have tried many tutors in the past, even certified teachers, but there was never any significant improvement. We were quite frustrated and discouraged; in fact, we were hesitant to even try another tutor. Fortunately, we me Mr. Makrinos, and he was able to change all that. He essentially led my daughter to not only understand the subject better, but also to enjoy it as well. She went from struggling in basic classes of Mathematics, to know successfully enjoying regular classes of Mathematics. That is quite an accomplishment, as now she is much more confident and capable of taking on more challenges, with out any trepidation. To our daughter he is not atutor but more like a mentor, as he always gives her great advice, even on how to approach certain difficult situations. He has definitely been a good positive influence in her life. There is no greater pleasure than to see your child feel good about themselves and approaching challenges in a positive manner.

We do not hesitate to give our highest recommendation to Matt Makrinos, and we are quite convinced that he will be worthy of the confidence he shall receive. There is absolutely no doubt in our mind, that Matt Makrinos’ intellectual capacity and dedication will prove laudable.