Middletown tutoring services – WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep – NJ

I contacted WaveLength Tutoring in Spring 2012 to inquire about their tutoring services. I was searching for someone to help strengthen my son’s writing skills over the summer. After receiving my email, Marlee from WaveLength contacted me.

I knew we were in good hands as she patiently listened as I explained our background and exactly what I was looking for. (These initial conversations were important to me. I was tired of spending money for services that weren’t the right fit. It was important to make sure we were on the same page and I’m glad she took the time to do that.)

Based on our conversations she recommended Daniel Sozomenu to work with my son. She felt like that would be a good fit based on my child’s interests and needs. And she was right! It’s hard to convince a middle schooler to do extra work in the summer. However, Daniel made it easy.

It was quickly apparent that Daniel had a wealth of knowledge to share with my son. But more importantly, he quickly established a good relationship with my son. As a result, I not only noticed an improvement in his writing skills but more importantly in his attitude towards writing.

After working with Daniel, his writing improved and his confidence increased. The sessions with Daniel were a worthwhile investment and I wouldn’t hesitate to call on Daniel and WaveLength again.