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Dear Marlee and Matt,

I am writing to thank you for introducing my son Stefano to Daniel this summer. He spent the entire summer tutoring Stefano for the SAT. He is an amazing person and a real added value to your staff.

Daniel really helped Stefano by teaching him the strategies need to succeed and also honed in on his weaknesses to improve those skill gaps identified. While working on his gaps he always highlighted Stefano’s strengths. He encouraged him each week with positive reinforcements and made him feel really good about himself during this very stressful time. He gave him the confidence he needed to go into the SAT test with a can do attitude.

Stefano and Daniel worked very closely each week and developed a really strong relationship. Daniel would spend added time after each session and talk to Stefano about his essay for his applications. Daniel’s expert writing ability really provided Stefano with a clear idea as to how to approach the application process regardless of the outcome of the SAT. He continued each week to really get to know my son and understand him in a way that really made a difference.

We are happy to say that Stefano did get into his first choice school and will spend his freshman year abroad studying international business and finance. I really believe that Daniel had such a strong impact on Stefano and was part of the successful outcome and words can not thank him enough for all he has done for my son. I can only say that as a mother the greatest joy is to see your child succeed and I believe Daniel played a big part in this very happy ending.