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Marlee Napurano and Matthew Makrinos have changed my life. I always classified myself as a hard working student, but I never saw myself as smart. It was not until I met Matt and Marlee did I realize my capabilities.

The SAT is a funny thing. It is a test given to us on one Saturday morning where we are expected to perform at our best for four hours straight and yield a score of four perfect numbers- talk about a pressure cooker. My struggle with the SAT was not the material on the test itself, but with the mindset I brought to the test. I would enter the test room and think of my future and not the test before me. This mentality caused my scores to serve as a poor reflection of my comprehension of the material. I took out my frustration by forcing myself to take practice tests every week and sometimes twice in one week.

Marlee and Matt are not only the most interesting, impressive, intelligent, and inspirational people I have ever met, but also the most insightful. Matt and Marlee soon recognized my inefficient study habits. My way of absorbing information had hurt me rather than helped me. I had to re-evaluate and change who I was and how I learned. This was no small feat.

I can honestly state that without Matt and Marlee I would not be the scholar or the person I am today. I learn because I am curious and not because I need a 2400 (although it would be nice). Wavelength never failed to remind me of the bigger picture– my life and all of the tremendous things I would accomplish. Without their constant encouragement and support to guide me through not only this SAT process, but also my educational career I would not be the confident, smart, and empowered young woman that I am today.

Yes, Wavelength is a phenomenal tutoring and test prep program. That is evident with my 370-point jump on my SATs and a score I am so proud of, but Wavelength gives one so much more than that. Marlee and Matt have provided me with lessons and ways of approaching not only the test but also life, which I will always carry with me.