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My experience with Wavelength was great overall. Not only did I see an increase in my score, but I actually enjoyed going to the after school classes. The program teaches some different and eye-opening techniques that help make the problems much more approachable. The insight that I gained with Wavelength’s classes and private tutoring helped me increase my score by 230 points.

While starting out in the classroom, I quickly learned that the tutors are extremely dedicated and qualified. They not only have a comprehensive understanding of the SAT, but also a gift for working with young adults. Their group can relate to students well. Knowing that each student is different, they set aside time one on one to figure out the individual problems that the students face. The tutors get to know each student on a personal level, allowing them to draw connections to how they think about the SAT problems, with how they face problems in the real world. On the English side, I learned how to find the right answer with more accuracy and simplicity, while simultaneously cutting down the time it takes to do so. In Math, I was taught how to break down the tests into sections and how to find the most direct route to the correct response. All of it required much practice and hard work, but I was so thrilled with my Wavelength experience, that once the classes ended, I continued with private tutoring in Math to increase my score.

Applying to some of the best and most competitive undergraduate business schools in the country, I knew that I needed to have a high math score in order to be accepted. And I knew exactly who to call. Matt, having had me in the class before, understood my obstacles. We delved deeper to figure out how to receive the score I needed. Matt discovered that my problems were all mental, and worked with me as a coach would. We spent hours, often overtime, to increase my speed, build confidence, and approach each problem with the Wavelength strategy that significantly increased accuracy. I could really feel how he was rooting for me and truly cared about my success. After much practice, my math score increased by an additional 100 points, helping me land a spot at my number one school choice. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Most SAT tutors drill students with problems and lectures, teaching all of the vocabulary, grammar, and math that is needed on the SAT. With that said, however, students taking the SAT have already learned most of what is on the test. Everyone needs a refresher, so Wavelength of course provides that, but it is mostly about strategy and practice. If a student puts the work in that the program demands, he or she can expect an excellent outcome.