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US History SAT subject test - WaveLength tutoring + test prep - Colts Neck

Wanted to let you know that my son Justin had an excellent experience with both Kevin Francolini and Daniel Sozomenu. Kevin prepped Justin for the US History SAT subject test and Daniel prepped him for the SAT. Justin worked with Daniel over about a 9 month period. Daniel was very accommodating with his schedule, worked effectively with Justin, and we saw a big improvement in Justin's scores.

We plan to work with Daniel again for our other children.

Thank you.
Jay Nadler, Ranney School Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

Manasquan SAT class - WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep

Matt and Marlee are very good at what they do. They are extremely knowledgeable and informative when discussing SAT tactics. On top of this, they are also good teachers, possibly the best I've ever had in my 12 years of education. In all honesty, I wish that my school teachers were as good as Matt and Marlee.
Seneca Kinn-Gurzo, St. Rose High School 2016 Manasquan, Monmouth County, NJ 08736

SAT practice test - WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep - Wall Township

I learned so much from Marlee and Matt. They taught me skills that will not just help me on the SAT, but also throughout life. With every SAT practice test I take I can see my score and skill improving.

I love Math again. Matt has made it so much easier to understand, and to show me new ways of looking at problems. Marlee and Matt taught me various useful SAT skills. More importantly, they taught me that if I can overcome the SAT (something I really dread and fear), and work hard for it, I can do anything. Thank you guys so much!
Kayla Stacy, St. Rose High School 2016 Wall Township, Monmouth County, NJ

Progress -Kryzanekas

I liked the way Matt would keep everyone involved and come into class with the attitude that he wants to be there and try to get everyone to do better and progress. He and Marlee both shared helpful tips and SAT habits that would help me. I would not have done as well on the test if I did not take this class. I felt that my critical reading and writing scores jumped a lot because of Marlee and I also think that with Matts help I was able to work out some of the kinks in my math sections. He helped motivate me and so did Marlee.
Eric Kryzanekas, Colts Neck High School 2014 Colts Neck, NJ 07722