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SAT test-taking -Pasch

Dear Matt and Marlee,

To simply say thank you would be an understatement. Through weekly meetings and phone call conversations, I have learned more than just SAT test-taking strategies and study habits.

Matt, you taught me an entirely unique approach to math problems that I’ve seen and solved for years. I immediately applied these same processes in school and the results were obvious. My 800 math scores on the SAT and SAT-II subject test are a direct reflection of our work together. I owe it all to you!

Marlee, your patience and optimism throughout the huge piles of colorful flashcards and assorted reading passages gave me confidence in areas I struggled most in. You truly made me a better reader and writer. But it was the long conversations about history, literature, and current events that left the greatest impression. You brought shades of gray to my stubborn, black and white outlook—I’m sure my parents are most appreciative for this!

As a company, WaveLength far exceeded all of my expectations. On a personal level, Matt and Marlee, you are more than just influential mentors; you were both key components of my high school growth and I truly appreciate the friendships we built. I will be forever grateful. Thank you again!
Alexandra Pasch, WHRHS Class of 2013 Warren, Somerset County, NJ 07059

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Hello Andrea.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are thrilled with Noelle's ACT score. We appreciate all your hard work and skill that went into guiding her.

We will be giving your name out whenever we can....thanks again.
Jeanette and John Jaworski, Villa Walsh High School 2015 Far Hills, Somerset County, NJ 07931