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Fast - Fatima

I thought the class was helpful. I learned how we should take the SATs. At times it went a little bit fast, but I got it in the end. The class got a little easier as time went on. The work got harder, but felt easier. The Skinny was helpful with the homework. The homework wasn’t as bad to do as the first class. The only time it was a little hard was when we did some problems on the board. I felt like it was just going to fast for me to keep up with. Other than that I thought it was good.
Fatima Ahmad, The Ranney School 2020 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08724

Entering - Agripides

I feel that this class was very helpful. I learned a lot of tricks in how to attack problems in both math and verbal. I also thought I learned how to be quicker and more efficient. Also, I thought it helped me on my writing and grammar because I was weak when entering this class. After taking the verbal class, my grammar went up tremendously and the tricks I learned really help. After this class, all of my subjects have been easier and I feel much better about the SATs. This class was overall helpful.
Alexis (Lexi) Agripides, St. John Vianney High School 2017 Bayville, Ocean County, NJ 08721

Parts - Nahrwold

After taking this class for six weeks, I feel as though I got a lot out of it. Regarding the English parts, I feel like I’ve definitely learned how to read passages quicker well being able to better understand the main points of the passage/the skeleton. I also found that the technique where you read the quotes for the two part questions first, then go back and answer the first question, helpful as well.

Regarding the math section of this class-while it wasn’t at all like I expected it to be, it definitely helped out as well. I think in general doing the problems and parents helped significantly. I also liked how, on every Thursday, Matt would go over problems that we needed help with, as though we weren’t sitting and being taught a lesson per se, we learned how to do certain problems better. Like in the English parts, Matt also taught us techniques for getting through certain types of problems, which I found helped.

Overall, I feel I got a lot out of this class and hopefully I will be able to apply all I learned there on the test itself.
Marisa Nahrwold , Brick Township High School 2018 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08723

Boost - DeSocio

Going into this SAT prep course, I didn’t know what to expect, especially with me being a Senior. I took the SAT test four times prior to signing up for this class because I wasn’t happy with my score. After the first English and math lesson, I already felt more comfortable with conquering the evil test. Marlee was amazing with breaking down the English section and teaching us helpful techniques to boost our scores. She was super caring and hilarious and made the 2 1/2 hour class amusing. I was amazed by my practice test score after following strategies and felt more confident about taking the real SAT. Matt did an outstanding job with making the math easier and fairly more enjoyable. Even with the homework every week was hard, Matt pushed our abilities and challenged us to defeat any difficult test question. Not only has this course taught me the techniques of taking the SAT, but how to be a better test taker in general. Thank you so much for always putting a smile on my face and making me feel confident about beating the SAT.
Julia DeSocio, Point Pleasant Beach High School 2018 Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean County, NJ 08742

Guiding - Ruggiero

When I realized that I had to take the SAT again, I instantly became discouraged I thought that there would be nothing to help me improve my score. Over the past six weeks, I’ve started to feel more and more confident about the test. I never thought that I would be able to achieve my goal of increasing my score. I know that going into Saturday I will feel more confident than ever and use the strategies I’ve learned throughout the duration of this class. Thank you Marlee and Matt for all of your help and for guiding me onto the path that I wanted to be on. I am positive that my score is going to be better than it ever was in the past.
Sophie Ruggiero, Pleasant Beach High School 2018 Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean County, NJ 08742

Improve skills -Seaman

I came into this class with scores it wasn't so happy about and I knew this class would change them. You guys tell me all the little things I never knew about the SAT and how to beat it. Even though there was a ton of work for homework, doing it helped me improve my skills for the SAT. Thank you for all the great methods to use during the SAT.
Matthew Seamen, Jackson Memorial High School, 2018 Jackson, Ocean County, NJ 08527

School -Malgieri

I feel like both the English and Math classes helped me understand the SAT. I have a lot of trouble in Math and Matt helped me understand for the SAT and in school. Thank you both very much for everything!!! 

Brianna Malgieri, Red Bank Catholic High School, RBC 2018 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08723

Great snacks -Markatos

-Wish there were more classes for the math just because there is a lot to touch up on.

-Barron's sucks but I understand that it is necessary.

-Great snacks!

-Very good experience, I like being treated as an equal and not as naïve child.

-You guys are very nice and understanding. :-)
Ariana Markatos, Donovan Catholic High School 2019 Barnegat Township, Ocean County, NJ 08005

Excellent Job -Gould

I thought the class was over all super beneficial and I really enjoyed learning in such a comfortable environment with great teachers. Marlee and Matt did an excellent job instructing and showing us to beat the SAT. I definitely enjoyed my time at WaveLength and would recommend them to others.
Reagan Gould, Point Pleasant Beach High School 2017 Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean County, NJ 08742

200 points -Dubicki

My experience with Marlee was the best, I have only had two tutors in my life. She was by far the best. She got the information that I had to get across across in a funny way while making it fun. She helped me move over 200 points on my Critical Reading. By far the best tutor I have had and I will be forever grateful for the information she has given me.
Adam Dubicki , Toms River High School East 2016 Lavallette, Ocean County, NJ 08735

Less work -Clayton

Overall, I think this class was very helpful in preparing me for the SAT. I've learned a lot about the SAT test itself and how do I improve my scores. I really like the Skinny packet and all the information it gives me.

The techniques I've learned in the verbal portion of the test have helped me answer the questions more accurately. In the math section, I have learned how to solve problems quicker with less work involved.

The tutors are very nice and are always willing to help. I felt comfortable asking questions during class too. Although there was a good amount of homework each week, it all proven to be beneficial. I have nothing negative to say about this class.
Kali Clayton , Toms River High School East 2017 Seaside Park, Ocean County, NJ 08752

Test blind -Gnapp

After taking the test blind I have a better idea of how to take the test to maximize my time. I'm definitely more prepared now and can definitely get a better score if I practice. This class was good and I didn't feel pressured in the class.
Lauren Gnapp, Point Pleasant Beach High School 2018 Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean County, NJ 08742

Grammar Ocean County -Ahmad

I was happy that I understood what I learned. I learned a lot things. I learned anologies, sentence completions, and grammar. I learned new words starting with "A"! The lunch was my favorite part. Andrea never closed the windows and I got cold. The pizza was always on time.
Fatima Ahmad, Brick, Ocean County, NJ

Ocean County SAT prep -Schnappauf

I liked it. Learned a lot.
Leo Schnappauff, Point Pleasant Boro High School 2018 Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean County, New Jersey

Ocean County SAT prep class -Schwalla

I had a great experience at WaveLength. Both Marlee and Matt were great people and teachers. They opened my eyes to a path to better myself and to success on the SAT. I don't think I would feel as prepared as I am today if it weren't for Wavelength and its staff.
Gavin Schwalla, Point Pleasant Beach High School 2016 Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean County, NJ 08742

Discover new ways -Cunningham

My time at WaveLength tutoring was very helpful. I feel that I have improved my vocabulary, writing and critical reading majorly. Marlee focused on my weakness on the SAT which is my critical reading. I found out a new way to read long passages by reading just the main ideas. She also helped me with new techniques in my writing. Matt helped me better my ways in math problems. He also helped me realize that I have to believe that I can answer the problems correctly. He helped me discover new ways of problem solving. To sum up my time in WaveLength tutoring, I think it was very successful.
Alyssa Cunningham, Jackson Memorial High School 2015 Jackson, Ocean County, NJ 08527

Solving basic Geometry -Telfer

I spent the summer prior to my junior year of high school confined to a chair in the dining room solving basic geometry problems out of Barron’s SAT Math Workbook and passage based critical reading questions out of The Official SAT Study Guide. Little did I know, I was teaching myself the wrong techniques and ultimately setting myself up for mediocrity.

In September I decided to sign up for the PSAT to see where my self- studying would take me. That Saturday morning I walked out of the PSAT testing center and knew I had done something terribly wrong. Several months after my scores came back, my guidance counselor suggested I give Wavelength Tutoring and Test Prep a call. A week or so later I met Ms. Andrea Goldman and she made a huge difference in my approach to the SAT.

Andrea came over twice a week to help maximize my score. Tuesday’s were always exciting because we used dry erase boards. If I performed well on the homework Andrea would give me a brightly colored marker and when I was spectacular I got to choose which colored marker I would like to use. Throughout high school I took advanced math classes and thought solving algebraic equations would come to me as naturally as it did in middle school - I was wrong. We would spend hours correcting my algebraic imperfections and deciphering complex word problems. Andrea broke up verbose word problems and never failed to remind me to show all of my work.

On Thursday’s we would take out The Official SAT Study Guide and work on passage-based reading. Critical Reading was a struggle for me and it reflected in my SAT results. My poor performance was a direct result of my lack of interest in reading. My peers told me that critical reading is the most difficult section to improve relative to the other sections. Andrea was able to share her knowledge of the test and dissect sentences in order to help me focus on what the writers were trying to convey. She supplied me with shortcuts to solving sentence completions and taught me how to make effective flashcards. Within a month I was able to improve my critical reading score by one hundred points.

She also took the time to teach me the basics of writing an essay. Andrea customized her approach to best teach me the material. We would often share laughs over our favorite movies and novels as she helped me come up with examples to support my thesis statement. On late nights Andrea would even bring snacks to help me focus and bagels on Saturday’s just to say “good morning.” Often times I was Andrea’s last student of the day and she liked to stay a couple minutes later to help me get over my fear of taking the SAT.

When my scores came back I was so excited! In just over a month I was able to increase my score by one hundred and seventy points. Thanks to Andrea and the scores she helped me attain, I will be attending Cornell University in the fall, and was accepted into Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Wake Forest University.

During that stressful month of preparation, Andrea was as my cheerleader. Her enthusiasm was liberating and her confidence in my abilities encouraged me to work harder than I ever have in high school. Andrea loves to teach, her instruction is both content and strategy based, and her personality is warmer than anyone I have ever met.
Laura Telfer, Jackson Liberty High School 2014, Cornell University 2018 Jackson, Ocean County, NJ 08527

Energetic teachers -Ballou

WaveLength has been fun. Marlee and Matt have taught me new tactics I have not learned before in previous SAT tutoring. Marlee has taught me to hold myself back from jumping into the test. To sit back and be the test maker. Matt has also taught me this. I have to think like the test maker, and laugh in their faces knowing I know what they are doing to me psychologically. Both are excellent, fun, energetic teachers, and I enjoyed learning from them.
Christine Ballou, St. Rose High School 2015 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08723

Need help -DiSanti

We would like to thank Andrea for such a great job she did helping our daughter through the last couple of months preparing her for her test!! We couldn't have done it without you. We will look forward till the next time when we will need help with our son. Thanks,
The DiSanti Family, Toms River, Ocean County, NJ 08732

Plan SAT prep Ocean County -Palmer

The class was very helpful! After taking the November SAT with barely any experience with the test and then taking the December SAT with more tactics and information on taking the test, I felt a lot better with how I did. I'm taking the January SAT and plan to take full advantage of what I've learned throughout the class.

Thank you!!

Casey Palmer, Brick Township High School 2017 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08723