Wall SAT prep class – WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep classes

Dear Marlee,

Kevin was brimming with confidence when I dropped him off for the SAT and I know that your class was a big reason for it. Wow! I can’t believe how far he has come in the past six weeks. Like most Juniors, Kevin is fully aware of the high stakes and ramifications attached to the SAT. Needless to say, this brought on a great deal of anxiety and apprehension for him. Thankfully, you and Matt both did an incredible job inspiring and motivating Kevin. He thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the class. Not only did you alleviate a lot of Kevin’s stress and concerns, Wavelength’s wonderful approach to learning trickled over to Kevin’s schoolwork. His GPA has gone up 3 points!

Thank you! I have a feeling that Kevin will be happy with his SAT test results. Regardless of his scores, we will not have any regrets because Kevin and I know that he could not have been better prepared for the SAT. What more could a parent or student hope for? My husband and I have always tried to teach our children to only worry about what they can control. Kevin knows that he studied his hardest and, as parents, we know that the only shame would be to look back and wonder if we did everything in our power to help him succeed. After our experience with WaveLength, we have no doubts!

Stay tuned! I will send you his results as soon as they are available. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. We are so appreciative of both you and Matt and all of the work you have done.