Good tutor – WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep – Monmouth County

Through WaveLength SAT preparation, I’ve learned a lot. My math tutor, Matt, was a very good tutor. I’ve learned a lot of important material that will be used on the SAT. One major lesson I learned was that no matter how difficult a problem may look, it could be simplified into a much easier problem. I also learned how to look at problems in a different way to get the solution quicker, which is a very important tactic for the SAT.

Marlee, my English tutor, was very good as well. She taught us a lot in terms of what is really needed on the SAT. I learned a whole lot of necessary vocabulary, how to write an essay that is quick and to the point, and how to make reading comprehension much more simplified. Marlee and Matt, while teaching a lot, also made their lessons fun. Taking this SAT prep class will help a lot on the test. It’ll change my future!