Calculating -Reynolds

WaveLength has been nothing short of phenomenal. Nobody can make SAT prep fun and exciting, but they certainly made it much more than test prep. Matt took the Math section far beyond calculating. He spent an enormous amount of energy figuring out exactly what my weaknesses were and tailored lessons specifically to them. Not only did he help raise my SAT Math score, he changed the way I approach any math problem. My math grades in school saw a 10 point improvement since the beginning of my lessons with Matt. As if that wasn’t plenty enough, Matt has had a profound impact on my daily life as a whole. Lessons like “Don’t doubt yourself, doubt your work” are applicable anywhere and will remain so for many years to come. Matt cares about your test scores and your all out mental improvement, quantitatively and emotionally. He is the kind of man you never really forget.

Daniel helped improve my weakest sections, reading and writing, by breaking it down in the eyes of a test writer. He helped me organize my thought process when tackling the reading and writing and broke the essay into a foolproof formula. He also took our lessons beyond the test; I had an average vocabulary and now I still enjoy learning new words.
Anna Rose was extremely helpful in training me for the subject test. With a well-rounded background in the sciences and high level math, she was able to explain any concept in thorough yet understandable detail. She constantly showed up with extra material that she had personally researched and printed out and I was always impressed with her dedication to my success.

meAs the oldest, and with a foreign mother, my parents were very unsure of the college process but our meeting with Marlee cleared up all our questions and allowed us to approach college applications much more confidently. Her experience has made her one of the most valuable sources I’ve ever had in college information and I am so thankful to have discussed the process with her. To put this all in one sentence: I STRONGLY RECOMMEND WAVELENGTH SAT PREP.

Thanks so much guys!