Assistance – WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep – Monmouth County

Just a quick note from me and Kenneth to you both for the SAT course you offered. Kenneth was able to improve from a 1250 to a 1400 after your assistance. He went from a 580 to a 690 in the reading portion of the exam. He also improved from 670 to 710 on the math portion of the test.

We are still evaluating whether Kenneth will take the SAT again or perhaps some of the subject specific tests. We will certainly be in touch if he requires any assistance.

Either way I will see you in the future as Kenneth has 3 younger siblings.

Thank you

Tim McVey


I feel like this class definitely helped me improve my scores. The main thing that I learned was how the approach on how to take the tests. Overall, I think the class was great.

~Ken McVey