Private & Magnet School Admissions Test Prep

PREPARE FOR MCVSD, SSAT, CBA, ISEE, RBC, Ranney, Magnet and Boarding Schools admissions tests

At Wavelength we bring private tutoring into the classroom with our trademark fresh, effective teaching, combining innovative material with an engaging approach that flexes to suit the learning style and aptitude of each student we teach. This summer we will be offering a course session, at 50% off the price of our private tutoring. Our small, seminar-style Private & Magnet School Test Prep course spans 6 weeks and readies students for high school admissions and placement tests. It includes:

  • 18 hours of instruction
  • class capped at 10 students (minimum 2)
  • 1 full-length take-home test
  • convenient location
  • group rate savings
  • pizza & snacks

Register Online or by Mail; directions for both are below!

To Register Online:

  1. Click the button of the Session and Time you prefer.
  2. Check out through our secure Registration Center.
  3. Fill out our Contact Form so that we have your info and the name of your student.


September 17- October 22, 2016  CLOSED
$1500/student (Includes materials & lunch)

10:30-1:30pm Register


November 12- December 17, 2016 
$1500/student (Includes materials & lunch)

10:30-1:30pm Register

To Register by MAIL:

  1. Download and print the Registration Form.
  2. Check off the session and time you prefer.
  3. Mail the form with payment to reserve your spot.

Space is limited and reserved on a first come first serve basis. All schedules are subject to change pending enrollment; if changes are incompatible with the student, a full refund will be issued. Students dropping course by the end of Week 2 will receive a prorated refund less the cost of books and materials.


College admissions consultants -Reynolds

Daniel helped improve my weakest sections, Reading and Writing, by breaking it down in the eyes of a test writer. He helped me organize my thought process when tackling the Reading and Writing and broke the Essay into a foolproof formula. He also took our lessons beyond the test; I had an average vocabulary and now I still enjoy learning new words.
Anna Rose was extremely helpful in training me for the subject test. With a well-rounded background in the sciences and high level math, she was able to explain any concept in thorough yet understandable detail. She constantly showed up with extra material that she had personally researched and printed out and I was always impressed with her dedication to my success.
As the oldest, and with a foreign mother, my parents were very unsure of the college process but our meeting with Marlee cleared up all our questions and allowed us to approach college applications much more confidently. Her experience has made her one of the most valuable sources I’ve ever had in college information and I am so thankful to have discussed the process with her. To put this all in one sentence: I STRONGLY RECOMMEND WAVELENGTH SAT PREP.

Thanks so much guys!

Max Reynolds Rumson-Fair Haven High School 2015, Cornell University 2019 Locust, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

High School entrance exam

Daniel was my daughter’s tutor for the Monmouth County Vocational School District (MCVSD) High School entrance exam. Her goal was to attend Biotechnology High School and we wanted her to have some preparation before she took the exam. All in all, it was money very well spent – not only did my daughter score very well on the exam, she went into it with a plan and new found confidence.

Daniel’s knowledge of the test was comprehensive. His style is relaxed and confident. He pinpoints the gaps in a student’s knowledge without harm and highlights their best attributes in order to build self-assurance. I highly recommend Daniel and look forward to working with him in the future, as my son wants to join his sister at Biotech.


Fiona Wylie Griffeth MCVSD, Biotechnology High School 2020 Wall Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07719
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Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Designer: Matthew Makrinos


My teaching focuses on problem solving through pattern recognition and streamlined mental flow-charting. This foundation upon which SAT materials and life situations are based is the constant underpinning of my class. I avoid teaching “tricks” to solving problems and focus on one universal problem solving method which functions as the corner stone of SAT reasoning and of all deductive logic. I stress study skills, mental acumen, time management, awareness and elimination of silly mistakes, and conditioning by encouraging students to do head math and discouraging the constant use of calculators, which drain confidence and encumber.

Critical Reading and Writing

Curriculum Designer: Marlee Napurano


My approach to the Critical Reading and Writing sections centers on exposing how literal and formulaic the verbal questions are. On that platform I have built structured and efficient techniques for each type of question and my students practice these techniques until their familiarity with the material makes them virtually immune to silly mistakes and the stress of the test. Along the way, I teach students to point out (and laugh at) all the tricks and traps in the questions and answer choices so that these can no longer intimidate or confuse. Focusing on what you know, not what you don’t, living by the Law of the Dictionary, staying literal, and breaking the test into a series of short, concrete missions (in 5-15 minute intervals) are the main principles of my curriculum.

WaveLength of Wall Township, Monmouth County, NJ