Learning Evaluation Services


WaveLength Learning Evaluation Services provides a range of testing, including:
  • Diagnostic/Comprehensive Assessment identifying characteristics of Dyslexia and the impact on learning
  • Screening tests to identify achievement levels within an academic area
  • Comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations to determine strengths and weaknesses of your child’s learning profile and need for accommodations in school       
  • Assessments for academic learning styles and work habits

Learning evaluation services 504 IEPSusan Abatemarco, M. Ed 

Academic and Cognitive Testing, Special Education Advocate, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant 

Susan received her BA in Elementary Education and Communication from Monmouth University and Masters in Special Education and Supervision Certification from Rutgers University. Susan has been working as a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant in New Jersey Public Schools for over 18 years. She has extensive experience conducting educational assessments and developing I.E.P.’s (Individual Education Plans) for adolescents and high school students. Susan is an experienced advocate, utilizing her knowledge of special education regulations to assist families in the selection of modifications and accommodations to support learning and access services in college. In acknowledgement of the need for continuing support of students with developmental disabilities beyond the reach of high school, Ms. Abatemarco has pioneered both the Falcon LIFE (Learning Independence through Functional Experiences) and Falcon TAP (Transitioning Adult Program) programs. These cutting edge programs re-enforce and expand daily living skills, pre-vocational skills, social skills and communication, academics and physical education all necessary for transition from high school to life in the community. Susan’s personal investment in every family she works with transforms her credentials and broad experience into a valuable and unique resource for WaveLength.


Through our Learning Evaluations Services, we can advise how best to address your student’s learning challenges (behaviorial and academic). Consulting services may include:


WaveLength Learning Evaluation Services offers support for students requiring special education services and Section 504 Plans. This service may include:
  • Assisting in the selection of modifications, accommodations or aids to support a student’s learning
  • Working with other professionals to assure that a student receives the appropriate support to optimize their potential


Dear Susan,

Thank you so much for your support with my son Christian preparing for the SAT. As Christian has a learning disability and IEP, the SAT intensive preparation is quite a challenge. The program you recommended from WaveLength strongly supported his learning style and needs. The small group and interpersonal program was a perfect fit.

Thank you also for ensuring his accommodations were met for extended time during SAT administration.  You always immediately and thoroughly responded to my many questions! Most of all thank you for your patience and understanding. It is clear you have extensive experience and insight in identifying and addressing students with special needs. The relationship you established with my son is both motivating and positive. He would never have participated and accepted the program or accommodations without your encouragement.  I would like to thank you not only as parent, but as a professional educator!


Dr. Diane G

Hi Susan,

Thank you for helping us submit accommodation requests for both the SAT and ACT on our daughter's behalf.  We believe your thorough evaluation of her academic strengths and weaknesses were instrumental in achieving favorable outcomes.  Also, thank you for your insights, recommendations, and strategies tailored to her learning style for the remainder of her high school years and beyond.  They will certainly prove to be invaluable.

Thanks again!

John and Lucie

Monmouth County, New Jersey