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Valuable tricks -Patton

During the six week course, I learned many valuable tricks and tips about the SAT test. I saw growth in my skills. I learned how to work more quickly, notice patterns in the test, and learned to spot what answer is incorrect. Aside from the test, I grew a lot as a person. Matt and Marlee both taught me new approaches to life and how to ready myself for the future. These lessons were the most important to me because personality is more important than test scores.
Alex Patton, Shore Regional High School 2016 Monmouth Beach, Monmouth County, NJ 07750

Multiply large numbers -Somers

I enjoyed this class and I learned a lot from it. I learned many helpful things regarding the SAT, but I also learned many helpful life tips. I learned how to multiply large numbers without a calculator which has helped me not only on the SAT practice test, but also in school. This class has helped me prepare for the SAT and I hope my scores will improve.
Maddie Somers, Shore Regional 2018 Monmouth Beach, Monmouth County, NJ 07750

First choice college admission consultants -Giblin

I am happy to recommend Wavelength Tutoring. Matt and Marlee became friends and mentors to my daughter. They helped her to understand her own strengths and weaknesses and how they affected her approach to and performance on the SAT. She was able to reach her goals and gain admission to her first choice college, Dartmouth.
Paula Giblin, Laurel Springs School Monmouth Beach, Monmouth County, NJ 07750

Monmouth Beach college counseling -Giblin

When I began working with Matt and Marlee at Wavelength, the SAT was the most intimidating hurdle of my college process. I knew the scores I needed to achieve to be accepted into my first choice college, but the gap between where I was and where I needed to be seemed impossible to bridge. Immediately, they were able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. Matt helped me to simplify the math problems by recognizing patterns that I could see; the questions became easier, and I learned that the errors I made were silly mistakes in my own work. “Trust your process, not your work,” is a strategy that I now implement in all aspects of my life. Similarly, Marlee helped me to create a systemized approach to the reading and English sections of the SAT, that not only helped me to achieve my scores but also enriched my learning and understanding of literature in all other aspects of school and life.

The most meaningful part of my experience with Wavelength is that I have now have mentors, not just for my SAT, but for life. The lessons Matt and Marlee taught me are ones that I will carry with me and apply to my studies at Dartmouth College in the fall of 2016.
Audrey Giblin, Laurel Springs School 2016, Dartmouth College 2020 Monmouth Beach, Monmouth County, NJ 07750

Monmouth Beach SAT class -Schlesinger

WaveLength has definitely made me more prepared for the SAT. After taking the class, I am confident that I will do my best when taking the test.
Sabrina Schlesinger, The Ranney School 2014 Monmouth Beach, Monmouth County, NJ 07750

Learning -Pflaster

I had a good learning experience with WaveLength. I learned a lot of SAT math short cuts.
Madison Pflaster, Ranney School 2014 Monmouth Beach, Monmouth County, NJ 07750