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First SAT prep course -Piaza

WaveLength has not only taught me about the SAT, but has taught logic and time management. This is my first SAT prep course and I wouldn't think about going anywhere else. I definitely will take this class again. I have learned how to manage my time and by working smart. The first time I took the SAT, was stressful. I didn't use my time wisely, and didn't have the logic. #WaveLengthRocks!
Katie Piaza, Red Bank Catholic, RBC 2018 Interlaken, Monmouth County, NJ 07712

Material -Rogers

I liked this class because my scores based off of the practice tests have already increased. I also did Focused Coaching over the summer and I hated it because I never learned anything. Wavelength taught me all the material needed for the SAT.
Emily Rogers, Red Bank Catholic, RBC 2018 Interlaken, Monmouth County, NJ 07712

Interlaken SAT/ACT prep -Hoyle

I have nothing but good things to say. The classroom setting is great with a chill your professional classroom. I learned a lot and also different strategies to use on the SAT and ACT. Marlee and Matt really care how well I perform in and out of class. I would highly recommend WaveLength to my friends if they need help on this brutal SAT. Thank you so much for what both of you have done over the course of a month!
Zack Hoyle, Shore Regional High School 2018 Interlaken, Monmouth County NJ

SAT essay -Falk


We would like to offer well-deserved praise for Marlee Napurano's work with our son, Crosby Newcomer-Falk, to help him increase his scores in the writing section of the June 2007 SAT's. With Just two sessions Marlee was able to help Crosby bring up his score in Writing a dramatic 100 points!

Crosby also added an extra two points on his SAT essay score, and was given a number of excellent tips on how to use dynamic language and detail to improve his overall writing ability, which he will be using as he crafts his college essays this fall, his senior year in high school.

We also appreciate Marlee's assistance that we will be using her company Wave Length's help again this summer and fall for tutoring Crosby in the Math sections of the SAT and SAT subject tests prior to those subjects which he plans to take at the beginning of the school year.

We feel that Marlee has just the right blend of professionalism and personality to relate well - and work well with young adults. We highly recommend Marlee Napurano and her co-workers to students (and parents) looking for solid, practical and effective assistance with academic scores in preparation for college.

Paula J. Newcomer, Dr. Peter M. Falk, Ranney School 2008 Interlaken, Monmouth County, NJ 07712