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SAT class Avon -McKelvey

Marlee and Matt- you both made SAT class a lot more fun than I ever expected it to be. You're both clearly knowledgeable about the test. I learned a lot about each section, saw improvement in my practice tests, and I'm confident that I can do much better on the actual SAT than I ever would have without taking this class.

Thank you for a productive and fun six weeks.
Patrick McKelvey, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2016 Avon-by-the-Sea, Monmouth County, NJ 07717

Avon SAT prep -Westhoven

I can’t thank Matt and Andrea enough for the help they gave our son in preparing for the SAT. He used their services for about two months, and raised his score by about 200 points. I am so glad a friend referred us to them, and we in turn have referred many friends as well. They are both very knowledgeable about the SAT, and work extremely well with each individual’s abilities. They give them confidence, so that come test day, they are completely prepared and can reach their true potential. They are both currently working with our daughter, and I am confident they will help her reach her potential as well.
Monica Westhoven, Avon-by-the-Sea, Monmouth County, NJ 07717

Avon SAT prep classes -Westhoven

Marlee is so kind and gives excellent pointers for writing a great essay. She teaches how to intelligently lie. Matt is very smart and taught me shortcuts on the test and in life. He taught me the importance of time management and the importance of setting a goal for the test, reaching it, and then slowly trying for better. The Skinny he made can raise your score even the first time you read it and it is nice that it is so simple. Everything in the class is phrased and broken down so that it can be thoroughly understood by you.
Faith Westhoven, St. Rose High School 2016 Avon-by-the-Sea, Monmouth County, NJ 07717