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Easier - Fatima

I thought the class was helpful. I learned how we should take the SATs. At times it went a little bit fast, but I got it in the end. The class got a little easier as time went on. The work got harder, but felt easier. The Skinny was helpful with the homework. The homework wasn’t as bad to do as the first class. The only time it was a little hard was when we did some problems on the board. I felt like it was just going to fast for me to keep up with. Other than that I thought it was good.
Fatima Ahmad, The Ranney School 2020 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08724

Passage - Nahrwold

After taking this class for six weeks, I feel as though I got a lot out of it. Regarding the English parts, I feel like I’ve definitely learned how to read passages quicker well being able to better understand the main points of the passage/the skeleton. I also found that the technique where you read the quotes for the two part questions first, then go back and answer the first question, helpful as well.

Regarding the math section of this class-while it wasn’t at all like I expected it to be, it definitely helped out as well. I think in general doing the problems and parents helped significantly. I also liked how, on every Thursday, Matt would go over problems that we needed help with, as though we weren’t sitting and being taught a lesson per se, we learned how to do certain problems better. Like in the English parts, Matt also taught us techniques for getting through certain types of problems, which I found helped.

Overall, I feel I got a lot out of this class and hopefully I will be able to apply all I learned there on the test itself.
Marisa Nahrwold , Brick Township High School 2018 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08723

Brick SAT class -Malgieri

I feel like both the English and Math classes helped me understand the SAT. I have a lot of trouble in Math and Matt helped me understand for the SAT and in school. Thank you both very much for everything!!! 

Brianna Malgieri, Red Bank Catholic High School, RBC 2018 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08723

Grammar Brick -Ahmad

I was happy that I understood what I learned. I learned a lot things. I learned anologies, sentence completions, and grammar. I learned new words starting with "A"! The lunch was my favorite part. Andrea never closed the windows and I got cold. The pizza was always on time.
Fatima Ahmad, Brick, Ocean County, NJ

Brick SAT tutoring -Ballou

WaveLength has been fun. Marlee and Matt have taught me new tactics I have not learned before in previous SAT tutoring. Marlee has taught me to hold myself back from jumping into the test. To sit back and be the test maker. Matt has also taught me this. I have to think like the test maker, and laugh in their faces knowing I know what they are doing to me psychologically. Both are excellent, fun, energetic teachers, and I enjoyed learning from them.
Christine Ballou, St. Rose 2015 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08723

December SAT prep classes NJ -Palmer

The class was very helpful! After taking the November SAT with barely any experience with the test and then taking the December SAT with more tactics and information on taking the test, I felt a lot better with how I did. I'm taking the January SAT and plan to take full advantage of what I've learned throughout the class.


Thank you!!
Casey Palmer, Brick Township High School 2017 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08723

Prepare standardized test Brick NJ -Coakley

WaveLength helps prepare for your standardized test more than enough. Dope environment. True to their word, "if you put in your time, improvements will come." (Matt)

You have to do the work and put in the time to make something happen. Teachers create lessons for the next step. Class was outstanding.
Ethan Coakley, Saint Rose High School 2018 Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ 08723