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RFH SAT class - WaveLength tutoring + test prep - Rumson-Fair Haven

I received helpful tips to improve my score and make the test feel less intimidating. I would recommend this class for anyone who is scared of the SAT because I was too before this class.
Dana Elderhorst, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2018 Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ  07704

Calculus AB subject tutor - WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep - Rumson

I just wanted to say thank you very much for Sunday's session. Your tutor, Andrew, was the perfect fit for my son. I was impressed by his demeanor and his extensive knowledge of the Calculus AB subject matter. Thank you again!

Megan Modin
Megan Modin, Rumson - Fair Haven High School, RFH 2018 Rumson, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

SAT prep sessions - WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep - Rumson

Dear Marlee,

I just wanted to send you an email regarding my son Joe's SAT prep sessions with Daniel Sozomenu. My son just got his SAT scores from his testing in June and he went from 1610 to 1760, which is great! I completely attribute this increase to his SAT prep sessions with Daniel. Daniel was a pleasure to work with and he was so good with Joe, he also worked so hard to fit him into his schedule. We really cut it close to the test date but Daniel worked with us to get in as many sessions as possible. Please let him know how much we appreciate all his help.

Thank you,
Mary Sedlak, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ 07704

Rumson SAT prep - WaveLength tutoring + test prep

I really appreciate the effort that both of you made. You not only helped me with my SAT score but you gave me valuable life lessons. Thank you for putting up with my slightly bad behavior. Hope I will see you guys in the future.
Max Glenn, Rumson-Fair Haven High School 2018 Rumson, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

Fair Haven SAT prep class - WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep classes

I really liked this class because it took off a lot of the pressure I was feeling about the SAT. I think the things I learned really contributed to my understanding of the test and math and English as a whole. Thank you so much! Happy holidays.
Emma Singleton, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2018 Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ 07704

Rumson ACT prep - WaveLength ACT tutoring + test prep

Andrea deserves all of the praise she can get- I jumped from a 25 to a 30 on the ACT!

Andrea not only taught me strategies I needed to improve my Science, Reading and English scores, but she also gave me the confidence I was lacking. When she saw me improving during our sessions, she told me that I could replicate the same results on test day and she made me proud of the progress I was making. Lessons were fun, motivating, and productive. She helped me see the test as "smaller" than it is, which made me less anxious. I would definitely recommend Andrea to anyone who needs a score and confidence boost! :)
Emma Paulus, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2017 Little Silver, Monmouth County, NJ 07739

Rumson SAT classes - WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep

Sophomore year, I was grateful to accept Vanderbilt’s offer to play for their Women’s Lacrosse program. I knew that the offer came with high expectations, expectations I was determined to meet. But, after many stressful months of SAT classes, and different SAT tutoring sessions, nothing seemed to be working and I soon began to lose some faith in myself. This all turned around when I first met Marlee.

She not only became one of my biggest supporters but she ultimately gave me back my confidence and my drive to get the scores I needed. Marlee devotes 110% of herself to her students, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her dedication. Her approach with me was much different than my past experiences with other tutors. She knew right off the bat my strengths and my weaknesses, and focused directly on those weaknesses turning them into even more strengths. In the end, this improved my score dramatically.

I will never forget the day when I finally received my scores on that June SAT. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and I finally could breathe again. Going into senior year I will constantly be reminded how lucky I am for the opportunities I have been given, and especially for Marlee who stuck by me and helped me to make my opportunities a reality!
Jacqueline Littleson, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2016 Rumson, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

SAT prep Fair Haven -Sheeran

I thought that this class was very helpful in both writing and math. The improvements that I made I thought would not happen, but they did. And I thank you for that help.
Neal Sheeran, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2017 Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ  07704

Interpret SAT -Bernabeu

I think this class has prepared me a lot for the SAT. I understand the details on how to decode the test. I was afraid at first to come to this class. WaveLength has shown me great tricks and shortcuts to interpret and get through the test faster.
Natalie Bernabeu, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2017 Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ 07704

Best tutors -Godfrey

I think that Marlee and Matt were really the best tutors for me. I learned a lot about grammar and how to read the sections for Critical Reading. I also learned how to do math questions faster so that I can do more problems during the test and get more points. Marlee and Matt answered all of my questions and I understood everything they taught me. Going over the practice tests was extremely helpful and I'm more confident about my ability to get the scores I want.
Hannah Godfrey, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2016 Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ 07704

Test day -Carey

Prior to meeting with Marlee, I had been belligerently convinced that I didn't need help with the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT. I had always been a "word kid" rather than a "math kid", and figured I would just figure it out on test day. However, I am so glad I decided to book my first session with Marlee. At first I thought I would just be hearing the same things I have always heard: read the passage and write notes, study vocab, learn your grammar rules, etc., but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Marlee started our session with just getting to know me as a person and test-taker. Even after the first hour I felt comfortable enough with her to ask any question I needed to or to laugh about the (sometimes ridiculous) subject matter of reading passages. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that Marlee's strategies and approaches were unique and could be tailored to fit me specifically. She was very honest and upfront about what I needed to do more of to be successful and what I could skimp on based on that.

She helped me have confidence in myself going into the Writing section, and after our last session before the test (we ended up having three or four) she gave me a straightforward plan for what I should be focusing on the most as the test approached. As for Reading, which I've had a slight penchant towards but have never been great at, (I got a 59 on the PSAT which is equivalent to a 590 on the real deal, and had been scoring pretty low 600's on practice tests) Marlee made sure that I knew I had potential and showed me exactly how to manifest it. Her strategy of reading-not-reading the passages, which I was at first a bit skeptical towards, ended up being my saving grace. When I mentioned it to my friends, they all haughtily remarked that it was ridiculous or risky...until I ended up with an 800 on test day.

Overall, both my Writing and Reading scores are exactly where I needed to be, and despite what I initially thought, I definitely wouldn't have gotten there without Marlee. She was a great person to meet with and learn from, and I would recommend her to anybody who has even the slightest potential to score high in reading/writing (which is everyone).

Thank you so much Wavelength and Marlee!
Aileen Carey, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2016 Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ 07704

Organization - WaveLength tutoring + test prep - Rumson SAT prep

I really like WaveLength tutoring because it was a very relaxing environment and I learned a lot. I learned organization, time management, and how to decode the test. For writing and reading, I learned how to read passages more efficiently and effectively and also learned how to write a great essay in a small amount of time. For math, I learned terms that I need to decode word problems. My score from before definitely improved drastically as much as from a 490 to a 610. I also really liked WaveLength because the instructors were easy to talk to and not intimidating. We not only learned SAT stuff, but life lessons.
Jackie Koh, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2016 Rumson, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

Attending college -Paige


I know this has taken a while to write, but it has been quite the process deciding what college I am going to attend. First I would just like to thank you for helping me. I know you had many other students, and it means a lot to know that you were willing to take the time to do this for me. Although the college application procedure was difficult, your passion during writing sessions made me really enjoy the process. I will be attending Dickinson College in south central Pennsylvania. Once again thank you very much!

Satchel, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2007 Rumson, Monmouth County, NJ 07760