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Little Things - WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep - Jackson SAT class

I came into this class with scores it wasn't so happy about and I knew this class would change them. You guys tell me all the little things I never knew about the SAT and how to beat it. Even though there was a ton of work for homework, doing it helped me improve my skills for the SAT. Thank you for all the great methods to use during the SAT.
Matthew Seamen, Jackson Memorial High School, 2018 Jackson, Ocean County, NJ 08527

Main ideas - WaveLength SAT tutoring + test prep - Jackson SAT classes

My time at WaveLength tutoring was very helpful. I feel that I have improved my vocabulary, writing and critical reading majorly. Marlee focused on my weakness on the SAT which is my critical reading. I found out a new way to read long passages by reading just the main ideas. She also helped me with new techniques in my writing. Matt helped me better my ways in math problems. He also helped me realize that I have to believe that I can answer the problems correctly. He helped me discover new ways of problem solving. To sum up my time in WaveLength tutoring, I think it was very successful.
Alyssa Cunningham, Jackson Memorial High School 2015 Jackson, Ocean County, NJ 08527