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Attack - Agripides

I feel that this class was very helpful. I learned a lot of tricks in how to attack problems in both math and verbal. I also thought I learned how to be quicker and more efficient. Also, I thought it helped me on my writing and grammar because I was weak when entering this class. After taking the verbal class, my grammar went up tremendously and the tricks I learned really help. After this class, all of my subjects have been easier and I feel much better about the SATs. This class was overall helpful.
Alexis (Lexi) Agripides, St. John Vianney High School 2017 Bayville, Ocean County, NJ 08721

Found new - Polera

I feel that WaveLength really helped me learn a lot. It taught me new tricks and ways to be more successful. This SAT class was really a great way to be my first class and I know it helped me out. I really liked going over every thing week to week because it helped me to understand each subject better. I found new ways to read passages and grammar tips. In math, I found new ways to do problems and made them easier. This SAT class was very helpful!
Gabby Polera, St. John Vianney High School 2017 Freehold, Monmouth County, NJ 07728