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Jokes -McCafferty

I liked Dan. He kept the class interesting and tasteful with jokes and information. I learned about how the SAT is structured and the type of questions that are on it. I enjoyed the cram.
Harry McCafferty, Christian Brothers’ Academy, CBA 2016 Wall Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07719

New techniques -Monahan

Matt and Marlee are very knowledgeable and want the best for all of their students. I learned new techniques and strategies throughout the course, and I saw a significant improvement in my practice tests. Matt and Marlee made going to SAT class both an enjoyable and learning experience. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone.

Chris Monahan, Christian Brothers’ Academy, CBA 2016 Avon-by-the-Sea, Monmouth County, NJ 07717

Quick note -McVey

Just a quick note from me and Kenneth to you both for the SAT course you offered. Kenneth was able to improve from a 1250 to a 1400 after your assistance. He went from a 580 to a 690 in the reading portion of the exam. He also improved from 670 to 710 on the math portion of the test.

We are still evaluating whether Kenneth will take the SAT again or perhaps some of the subject specific tests. We will certainly be in touch if he requires any assistance.

Either way I will see you in the future as Kenneth has 3 younger siblings.

Thank you

Tim McVey


I feel like this class definitely helped me improve my scores. The main thing that I learned was how the approach on how to take the tests. Overall, I think the class was great.

~Ken McVey
Tim McVey, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2018 Oakhurst, Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07755

Strategies taught -Lubrano

Coming to this class made me realize how the SAT asks questions, which makes getting the right answer much easier. By looking at my recent practice test scores, it is clear that the strategies taught or beneficial. This class, unlike others I've taken, is actually enjoyable.
Nico Lubrano, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2018 Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

Different concepts -Koczan

The experience was very helpful and made me think of  test taking differently. My score on the practice SATs were dramatically better compared to my PSAT scores. The different concepts learned improved my test taking skills each week. Time spent in the classes was actually way more enjoyable than I would have imagined.
Evan Koczan , Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2018 Spring Lake, Monmouth County, NJ 07762

Admissions process -Finan

Matt and Marlee,

Great news! Although I wasn't able to get that 800 in math (my highest math is a 700), I got an 800 in BOTH writing and critical reading!

I can't thank you enough for all of your help! Without a doubt, the SAT was the most intimidating hurdle that I faced in the college admissions process. I will be forever grateful for your advice that allowed me to look at the SAT through a different lens and raise my score by 400 points. I sincerely thank you because those 400 points would have been wasted away as unrealized potential had it not been for the time that both of you spent with me.

Today, I write to you as a Notre Dame student--something I have been hoping to say one day since I first met you--and I thank you for allowing me to reach my full potential; I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much for changing my approach to this test and, quite frankly my outlook on life!

Go Irish!
Michael Finan, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2014, Notre Dame 2018 Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ 07704

Sea Girt SAT classes -Cowley

I believe I have learned a lot during these classes. There was a lot of tricks and techniques that I learned that really me out on the SAT. Also, this class changed the way I think about the test.

Thank you Matt and Marlee
Devin Cowley, Christian Brothers Academy, CBA 2015 Sea Girt, Monmouth County, NJ 08750

Interactive classes -Violet

WaveLength helped me achieve the SAT scores that I wished to receive. The fun and interactive classes created a good atmosphere for learning. I’m definitely happy I choose to come here for my SAT prep.
Tyler Violet, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2014 Sea Girt, Monmouth County, NJ 08750

Brielle SAT class -Centrella

The class was great and very straight forward about what you needed to know. The Skinny is a great resource from WaveLength and really aids the whole class in general.
Chris Centrella, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2016 Brielle, Monmouth County, NJ

SAT tutoring center -Normoyle

WaveLength is a very good SAT tutoring center. I had two tutors before this and they cannot compare to WaveLength. I took the practice SAT for homework I saw my scores improved dramatically. The way they teach is different and better. The strategies they teach really work and help improve scores. I suggest WaveLength to everyone.
Quinn Normoyle, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2016 Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ

Extra help -Mancuso

I’m writing to say how pleased I am with my son’s tutoring sessions. He is a freshman at CBA, and although he started out not needing (or wanting) extra help, it soon became clear that he was lagging behind in math. We hired Matt to get him back on track, and after just a few sessions we knew we had made the right decision.

I’m happy to report that Anthony’s test grades steadily rose. More importantly, Matt’s approach to the subject material, and practical application of it, has had a positive effect on Anthony’s work habits. Where Anthony had been dreading homework and tests, he now is focusing on preparing for the challenge. Thanks for all your help!
Elizabeth Mancuso, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA Red Bank, Monmouth County, NJ 07701

Spring Lake SAT class -Gowen

The class was very interactive and broke down the SAT into a way that was easier to comprehend from before. Marlee was great and I feel stronger in the Writing and Reading sections now. Andrea and Marlee both taught me good strategies that help me translate the SAT into a way I can understand. I love the class and I can't wait to see my scores. Thank you Marlee and Andrea!
Chris Gowen, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2015 Spring Lake Heights, Monmouth County, NJ 07762

Toms River ACT prep class -Anzano

I'm very happy with the way this class has went. Coming into this class I was nervous for the exam. But, now after the class I feel like I am very well prepared for the test. Andrea has been a great teacher along the way and has really helped me improve. She has helped me improve my score by four whole points and I feel that I can go so much higher. The classroom atmosphere has made the class more beneficial by keeping you constantly tuned in. After the class, Andrea has made me feel well prepared. I would absolutely recommend WaveLength.
Drake Anzano , Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2017 Toms River, Ocean County, NJ

SAT Writing section -Downey

Marlee was very insightful and helped me nearly master the writing section of the SAT. Further, she gave me great useful tips on sentence completion and in “minis” in the reading section. I also now have very helpful tips for the long reading passages that help me narrow my answers. The only imperfection for me with this course was the fact that my busy schedule left me having to change class times often, which really is no one's fault, but bad timing. Overall I'd say the class was worthwhile, and will give me the skills to eventually reach my goal of breaking 2100 at some point in the future.
John Downey, Christian Brothers Academy, CBA 2016 Manasquan, Monmouth County, New Jersey

Thought -Farr

Wavelength tutoring made two and a half hours of SAT prep a little more enjoyable. I learned new ways to approach the test. The class made me think in ways I have never thought before.
Steven Farr, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2015 Brielle, Monmouth County, NJ 08730

CBA SAT prep class -Michals

I thought the class was very helpful and very informative. This class helped me prepare for the SAT and gave me the tools to succeed.
Spencer Michals, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2018 Allenhurst, Monmouth County, NJ 07711

CBA SAT classroom -Piperno

Overall my experience at WaveLength was educational, not so much in where I learned about new subjects never talked about in any sort of classroom but more about the test itself, strategies that will help me on the test, and basic information that I would need to know for the SAT. I feel that I am more prepared for this test and I really enjoy how I am able to bring home a Skinny for it because it serves as almost a mini study guide. To sum things up, I had a great time being with the people here, both students and teachers, and I felt like I have learned a lot along the way.
Paul Michael Piperno, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2018 Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

Full potential -Higgins

My WaveLength tutor was extremely helpful. They helped me expand my knowledge of the SAT in a fun yet informative way. I am excited to see my full potential bloom in the upcoming months of testing. Great environment, great learning, great experience. :-)
James Higgins, Freehold, Monmouth County, NJ Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2016

SAT test habits -Vacarro

This class introduced me into changing my SAT test habits and improved me from my previous PSAT score. I’m very happy how much I improved. Throughout the class I was introduced to what I should do while taking the test.
Henry Vacarro, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2018 Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07712

Awesome lesson CBA prep -Barry

Although extremely belated, I would like to thank both of you for all you have done to help me in my college testing prep, search, and application process. I looked forward to seeing both of you every session; your attitudes and personalities were so inspiring!

Matt: I carry with me the skills you taught me on how to approach and conquer the problems that may seem difficult, but underneath are nothing I cannot handle (this is an awesome lesson that applies to so much more than math!)

Marlee: you made vocabulary and the topic of literature cool! I was enlightened by your awesome energy and found a new passion for in English in my AP Lit class this year. Both of you helped me achieve the happiness that I now have after being accepted (EA) to and deciding to attend Boston College in the fall! I would love to see and talk with both of you again soon! Have a great summer!!

Austin Barry, Christian Brothers’ Academy, CBA 2013 Spring Lake, Monmouth County, NJ 07762