SAT II Master Class: BIOLOGY Session 1

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SAT II Master Class: BIOLOGY

Sunday, April 30

9AM – 12PM

Prepare for the May SAT II

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SAT’s change, but subjects don’t. Fortify your score report with SAT II Subject Tests to prove how well your knowledge of real school subjects measures up on a national yardstick.

Before your SAT II’s, join us for Sunday SAT II Master Classes and get access to a specialist in the fields of US History, Math Level I, Chemistry, Physics & Biology. Get your questions answered and refine your test strategy in an efficient 3-hr cram session.

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Space is limited and reserved on a first come first serve basis. All schedules are subject to change pending enrollment; if changes are incompatible with the student, a full refund will be issued.

6 thoughts on “SAT II Master Class: BIOLOGY Session 1

  1. Very appreciative
    I looked forward to meeting with Matt and Marlee every Tuesday and Thursday. Before learning at the WaveLength prep classes, I was nearly clueless on how to prepare for the SAT. I was only confident in the Math portion of the test, but after these prep classes, I was able to be more more confident while taking the English section too. There was a significant difference between my practice score before and after the course. I am very appreciative of Matt and Marlee’s help on my biggest test of my life.

  2. He is really enjoying it

    My son Scott is taking your course. I just wanted to tell you that he is really enjoying it. He loves going, which is amazing because it is after school and you’d think he’d want to be out of there. He especially enjoys the math teacher on Thursdays; he says it’s really great.

  3. Much more comfortable taking the SAT

    I was more than impressed with my experience with WaveLength. My teacher was extremely knowledgable on the subject of the SAT as well as the college admissions process. The class provided me with a methodical process of approaching SAT questions and essays. After I took the class, I felt much more comfortable taking the SAT and saw significant improvement in my scores. Overall, I believe I truly benefited from the WaveLength class.

  4. Loved this course!

    I am writing to extol the virtues of this wonderful team of SAT instructors! My son is currently a junior at CNHS and has in the past been very anxious and avoidant about any standardized test. Although he is a straight A student, he has historically been a bad tester. What this prep course has done, at the very least is demystified the whole testing process for him. Additionally, he reported to me that he “loved this course better than any high school class” he’s taken. Matt and Marlee have made otherwise “dry and boring” material both interesting and stimulating for my son. He actually looked forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays!

  5. Wonderful experience
    I had a wonderful experience with WaveLength. The Math class was very one-on -one, and I learned how to think about the SAT in a way I could not have learned through a book alone. Matt was extremely knowledgeable about the SAT and was a great teacher overall. The class was challenging in that we were always expected to perform at our best, but Matt’s high expectations of us were what made me improve so much. My first SAT Math score from after the class was a 720. I would definitely recommend WaveLength tutoring to anyone looking to learn how to not just gain points, but how to really know the SAT and how to be prepared for every question on the test.

  6. 230 Points!

    My experience with Wavelength was great overall. Not only did I see an increase in my score, but I actually enjoyed going to the after school classes. The program teaches some different and eye-opening techniques that help make the problems much more approachable. The insight that I gained with Wavelength’s classes helped me increase my score by 230 points.

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