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Calculus tutor -Modin

I just wanted to say thank you very much for Sunday's session. Your tutor, Andrew, was the perfect fit for my son. I was impressed by his demeanor and his extensive knowledge of the Calculus AB subject matter. Thank you again!

Megan Modin
Megan Modin, Rumson - Fair Haven High School, RFH 2018 Rumson, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

Assistance -McVey

Just a quick note from me and Kenneth to you both for the SAT course you offered. Kenneth was able to improve from a 1250 to a 1400 after your assistance. He went from a 580 to a 690 in the reading portion of the exam. He also improved from 670 to 710 on the math portion of the test.

We are still evaluating whether Kenneth will take the SAT again or perhaps some of the subject specific tests. We will certainly be in touch if he requires any assistance.

Either way I will see you in the future as Kenneth has 3 younger siblings.

Thank you

Tim McVey
Tim McVey, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2018 Oakhurst, Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07755

Tutoring -Giblin

I am happy to recommend Wavelength Tutoring. Matt and Marlee became friends and mentors to my daughter. They helped her to understand her own strengths and weaknesses and how they affected her approach to and performance on the SAT. She was able to reach her goals and gain admission to her first choice college, Dartmouth.
Paula Giblin, Laurel Springs School Monmouth Beach, Monmouth County, NJ 07750

College applications consultant - Emanuele


We have had a wonderful and very positive experience with you guys. We found you both extremely knowledgeable and helpful, not only with regard to the the SAT, but with the entire college applications process.

You were always forthcoming and willing to discuss ideas and suggestions, as well as extremely professional in every regard. I know Michael enjoyed and really learned from you both. His comfort level was set very high immediately because of your outgoing nature and relative youth. I know he felt he could relate to you and really hear what you had to say with out feeling "preached to." He is going into his test confident and we are shooting for the stars.

Thanks you guys! It's been a pleasure!!
Lori Emanuele, Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

Professional SAT prep -McDermott

Dear Matt,

This is a very professional organization. The SAT instructors are all very knowledgeable and highly skilled. I thought the in person face to face was very helpful. Most importantly the return on investment was obvious when you consider the impact a higher SAT score can have on your child's future.

John McDermott, Manasquan High School Brielle, Monmouth County, NJ 08730

SAT prep companies -DeSanctis

Dear Marlee,

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did with Grace in preparing her for the reading/writing sections on the SAT. Grace's scores on these 2 sections prior to working with you were 610 in reading and 640 in writing, which were very good scores but she was an A student at High Tech High School and she felt she needed to do better to have any chance of being accepted into any of the top colleges in the country. After working for a total of 7 sessions that lasted 2 hours each her scores jumped to a 740 in reading and 720 in writing.

That is an amazing accomplishment and we couldn't be more proud of her. Grace is our youngest so we have had experience with other SAT prep companies before finding yours and I can say without a doubt that working with you was by far the best experience.

You were able to tailor her classes to the areas that she needed help in rather than following a set plan so there was no wasted time. Classes were scheduled around her free time and with playing High School in addition to club soccer that was a challenge. She didn't need to sit through Math review courses that she didn't need simply because that was the way other companies ran their review courses. We were able to choose only reading/writing, however if she had needed math help I know your company also offered that option. I highly recommend Wavelength SAT to anyone considering SAT tutoring!
Joanne DeSanctis, MCVSD, High Tech High School, 2015 Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ 07748

Group class SAT prep -Donohue

Hi there!

I just want to say thank you so much for helping my daughter prepare for the SATs. She took a group class with Daniel in the summer going into her junior year, and then followed up with a private two hour session. She really needed to get her math score up and Daniel made it happen. He didn't just have her repetitively solve problem after problem. Instead they strategized, pinpointing her weaknesses and strengthening them tremendously. With Daniel's expertise, her math score went up 120 points. When all was said and done, she ended up with a superscore of a 2310.

At the beginning of this whole process, the SATs seemed very daunting. Daniel made everything much simpler, for both me and my daughter. We cannot thank Daniel and Wavelength enough!

Denise Donohue, Wall High School, 2017 Sea Girt, Monmouth County, NJ 08750

2 sessions 200 points! -Scott

My name is Brian Scott and my Daughter Olivia worked with Daniel in late 2015 early 2016 for SAT prep. While we only had 2 sessions, one each in front of the Dec and Feb tests, the impact was substantial.

Olivia is high performing and Daniel was quick to evaluate just where she needed guidance, mostly around strategy but also with some specific targeted practice and tips in Math and Writing.

Livi earned a 2100 on the first try and jumped to 2300 on the second. I'm sure much of that jump was due to Daniels evaluation of her results and guidance on adjustments.

It's refreshing to see someone who is so dedicated to evaluating and guiding each student based on their individual needs strengths and weaknesses, and does not just apply a cookie cutter one size fits all approach.

Daniel's knowledge of the college admission process and how schools evaluate results was an added bonus. Daniel was a pleasure to work with and we will be sure to recommend him to friends and use him again when it's our sons turn to take the tests.

Thank you for your service and dedicated staff and please let me know if you have any questions.


Brian D. Scott, MCVSD, Academy of Allied Health & Science 2017 Wall Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07719

Great job -DiSanti Family

We would like to thank Andrea for such a great job she did helping our daughter through the last couple of months preparing her for her test!! We couldn't have done it without you. We will look forward till the next time when we will need help with our son. Thanks,
The DiSanti Family, Toms River, Ocean County, NJ 08732

Higher scores -Stephens

Dear Marlee and Matt,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for tutoring our son. Your professional yet personal teaching style gave our son the extra confidence he needs to achieve higher SAT scores.

Marlee's concise and articulate way of teaching English made it very easy for our son to increase his vocabulary and perfect a superior writing style.

Matt's easy and soft style of teaching made math much more fun and less intimidating. He has a personality that our son could relate to and was comfortable with.

To say we are happy with both of you is an understatement. Our son's confidence level has increased dramatically and he anxiously awaits the next SAT test. Thank you for all you have done.

Joseph and Janice Stephens, Point Pleasant, Ocean County, NJ 08742

True potential SAT prep -Westhoven

I can’t thank Matt and Andrea enough for the help they gave our son in preparing for the SAT. He used their services for about two months, and raised his score by about 200 points. I am so glad a friend referred us to them, and we in turn have referred many friends as well. They are both very knowledgeable about the SAT, and work extremely well with each individual’s abilities. They give them confidence, so that come test day, they are completely prepared and can reach their true potential. They are both currently working with our daughter, and I am confident they will help her reach her potential as well.
Monica Westhoven, St. Rose High School Avon-by-the-Sea, Monmouth County, NJ 07717

Tutoring services -Cooper

I contacted WaveLength Tutoring in Spring 2012 to inquire about their tutoring services. I was searching for someone to help strengthen my son's writing skills over the summer. After receiving my email, Marlee from WaveLength contacted me.

I knew we were in good hands as she patiently listened as I explained our background and exactly what I was looking for. (These initial conversations were important to me. I was tired of spending money for services that weren't the right fit. It was important to make sure we were on the same page and I'm glad she took the time to do that.)

Based on our conversations she recommended Daniel Sozomenu to work with my son. She felt like that would be a good fit based on my child's interests and needs. And she was right! It's hard to convince a middle schooler to do extra work in the summer. However, Daniel made it easy.

It was quickly apparent that Daniel had a wealth of knowledge to share with my son. But more importantly, he quickly established a good relationship with my son. As a result, I not only noticed an improvement in his writing skills but more importantly in his attitude towards writing.

After working with Daniel, his writing improved and his confidence increased. The sessions with Daniel were a worthwhile investment and I wouldn't hesitate to call on Daniel and WaveLength again.
D. Cooper, Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ 07748

Academic scores -Falk


We would like to offer well-deserved praise for Marlee Napurano's work with our son, Crosby Newcomer-Falk, to help him increase his scores in the writing section of the June 2007 SAT's. With Just two sessions Marlee was able to help Crosby bring up his score in Writing a dramatic 100 points!

Crosby also added an extra two points on his SAT essay score, and was given a number of excellent tips on how to use dynamic language and detail to improve his overall writing ability, which he will be using as he crafts his college essays this fall, his senior year in high school.

We also appreciate Marlee's assistance that we will be using her company Wave Length's help again this summer and fall for tutoring Crosby in the Math sections of the SAT and SAT subject tests prior to those subjects which he plans to take at the beginning of the school year.

We feel that Marlee has just the right blend of professionalism and personality to relate well - and work well with young adults. We highly recommend Marlee Napurano and her co-workers to students (and parents) looking for solid, practical and effective assistance with academic scores in preparation for college.

Paula J. Newcomer, Dr. Peter M. Falk, Ranney School 2008 Interlaken, Monmouth County, NJ 07712

Excellent prep choice -Shapiro

WaveLength is an excellent prep choice. Sessions are productive and Kelli is more relaxed. Daniel is excellent! Very professional.
Kim Shapiro, Ocean Township High School Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07712

Monmouth County Vocational School District entrance exam -Griffeth

Daniel was my daughter's tutor for the (MCVSD) Monmouth County Vocational School District entrance exam. Her goal was to attend Biotechnology High School and we wanted her to have some preparation before she took the exam. All in all, it was money very well spent - not only did my daughter score very well on the exam, she went into it with a plan and newfound confidence.

Daniel's knowledge of the test was comprehensive. His style is relaxed and confident. He pinpoints the gaps in a student’s knowledge without harm and highlights their best attributes in order to build self-assurance. I highly recommend Daniel and look forward to working with him in the future, as my son wants to join his sister at Biotech.

Fiona Wylie Griffeth, Monmouth County Vocational School District, MCVSD, Biotechnology High School 2020 Wall Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07719

Test results -Meberg

Dear Marlee,

Kevin was brimming with confidence when I dropped him off for the SAT and I know that your class was a big reason for it. Wow! I can’t believe how far he has come in the past six weeks. Like most Juniors, Kevin is fully aware of the high stakes and ramifications attached to the SAT. Needless to say, this brought on a great deal of anxiety and apprehension for him. Thankfully, you and Matt both did an incredible job inspiring and motivating Kevin. He thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the class. Not only did you alleviate a lot of Kevin’s stress and concerns, Wavelength’s wonderful approach to learning trickled over to Kevin’s schoolwork. His GPA has gone up 3 points!

Thank you! I have a feeling that Kevin will be happy with his test results. Regardless of his scores, we will not have any regrets because Kevin and I know that he could not have been better prepared for the SAT. What more could a parent or student hope for? My husband and I have always tried to teach our children to only worry about what they can control. Kevin knows that he studied his hardest and, as parents, we know that the only shame would be to look back and wonder if we did everything in our power to help him succeed. After our experience with Wavelength, we have no doubts!

Stay tuned! I will send you his results as soon as they are available. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. We are so appreciative of both you and Matt and all of the work you have done.

Peggy Meberg, MCVSD, Communications High School 2017 Wall Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07719

Standardized testing process -Covino

I am writing to extol the virtues of this wonderful team of SAT instructors! My son is currently a junior at Colts Neck High School and has in the past been very anxious and avoidant about any standardized test. Although he is a straight A student, he has historically been a bad tester. What this prep course has done, at the very least is demystified the whole standardized testing process for him. Additionally, he reported to me that he "loved this course better than any high school class" he's taken. Matt and Marlee have made otherwise "dry and boring" material both interesting and stimulating for my son. He actually looked forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays !

I recommend Wavelength to everyone and plan on having my younger child take it, as well!

Thanks for everything,
F. Covino, Colts Neck High School Marlboro, Monmouth County, NJ 07746

College essay -Mallozzi

Dear Marlee and Matt,

I am writing to thank you for introducing my son Stefano to Daniel this summer. He spent the entire summer tutoring Stefano for the SAT. He is an amazing person and a real added value to your staff.

Daniel really helped Stefano by teaching him the strategies need to succeed and also honed in on his weaknesses to improve those skill gaps identified. While working on his gaps he always highlighted Stefano’s strengths. He encouraged him each week with positive reinforcements and made him feel really good about himself during this very stressful time. He gave him the confidence he needed to go into the SAT test with a can do attitude.

Stefano and Daniel worked very closely each week and developed a really strong relationship. Daniel would spend added time after each session and talk to Stefano about his college essay for his applications. Daniel’s expert writing ability really provided Stefano with a clear idea as to how to approach the application process regardless of the outcome of the SAT. He continued each week to really get to know my son and understand him in a way that really made a difference.

We are happy to say that Stefano did get into his first choice school and will spend his freshman year abroad studying international business and finance. I really believe that Daniel had such a strong impact on Stefano and was part of the successful outcome and words can not thank him enough for all he has done for my son. I can only say that as a mother the greatest joy is to see your child succeed and I believe Daniel played a big part in this very happy ending.

Rosanne Mallozzi, Colts Neck High School Freehold, Monmouth County, NJ 07728

Work habits -Mancuso

I’m writing to say how pleased I am with my son’s tutoring sessions. He is a freshman at CBA, and although he started out not needing (or wanting) extra help, it soon became clear that he was lagging behind in math.

We hired Matt to get him back on track, and after just a few sessions we knew we had made the right decision. I’m happy to report that Anthony’s test grades steadily rose. More importantly, Matt’s approach to the subject material, and practical application of it, has had a positive effect on Anthony’s work habits. Where Anthony had been dreading homework and tests, he now is focusing on preparing for the challenge. Thanks for all your help!
Elizabeth Mancuso, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA Red Bank, Monmouth County, NJ 07701

Colts Neck High School SAT prep course -Hampton

My son Scott is taking your Colts Neck High School SAT prep course. I just wanted to tell you that he is really enjoying it. He loves going, which is amazing because it is after school and you’d think he’d want to be out of there. He especially enjoys the math teacher on Thursdays; he says it’s really great.

I just wanted to thank you for bringing your program to our school and giving him this opportunity.
Donna Hampton, Colts Neck High School Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

Priceless -Rovere

Dear Matt,

As the year closes, I reflect on all those who played an important role in the life of my family. What you did for Torie was priceless.

You touched her life in the most positive of ways. Learning had never been more “fun” nor had more impact. Besides her SAT soaring… she had a new found confidence.

We are very grateful for all you did.
Donna Rovere, Red Bank Regional High School Red Bank, Monmouth County, NJ 07701

Role model -Rovere

Dear Marlee,

There are paths we cross because we need to, having to search out for those who can help us in our lives. Most times it’s fleeting. The task is completed, and we go our separate ways. Other times, there’s a real connection…that’s what I feel Torie has found with you. You didn’t just teach- you care; you’ve become a mentor in many ways. I could not have chosen a better role model than she has found in you.

Thank you for all you’ve done and all you are. We’re truly blessed to have you in our lives.
Mike and Donna Rovere, Red Bank Regional High School Red Bank, Monmouth County, NJ 07701

Enjoyable SAT prep -Nitis

Dear Matt Makrinos,

I'm writing to you to express my deepest thanks for helping my daughter Barbara, to excel on her SAT exam. You did a fabulous job with her. She improved her scores in both Math and Verbal sections. Your teachings are proven to be effective and enjoyable. I hope you continue to inspire teenagers with your teachings because you are an asset to them.

Thanks again,
Aspa Nitis, Ocean Township High School Oakhurst, Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07755

Assessment preparation -Catrambone

Mr. Robert Abatemarco
Red Bank Catholic High School
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Dear Mr. Abatemarco:

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Ms. Marlee Napurano who has served various communities as an energized and dedicated educator. I have known Ms. Napurano for a number of years and has demonstrated great perserverance and initiative. She has always performed in a professional, competent, and caring manner. Ms. Napurano is a well disciplined, industrious, and talented individual with a very pleasant personality. She has proven to provide exemplary services to children in need of after-school tutorial and state-wide assessment preparation. She has successfully tutored my daughter, a 2005 graduate of Red Bank Catholic High School who now attends Catholic University of America in Washington D.C.

Ms. Napurano has the intellectual creativity necessary to open windows of opportunity for all children. She puts forth a great effort in making her instruction exciting and meaningful. She is always very reflective an critical of herself, remains upbeat, and provides a positive image of the organization she represents.

Ms. Napurano will be a valuable asset to any institution that retains her and the services of her company, WaveLength-Tutoring and Test Preparation. She has grown in her company into a poised and accomplished young woman with superior interpersonal and leadership skills.

It is with confidence that I highly recommend Ms. Napurano and the valuable services she would provide to the students of Red Bank Catholic High School.

Sincerely Yours,
George l. Catrambone, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Long Branch Public Schools Wall Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07719

SAT tutoring service -Dalton

Dear Matt and Marlee,

There are no words to thank you enough for everything you’ve done for Billy and for how pleased we were with your services.

From the very beginning we could tell we made the right decision when choosing WaveLength as the SAT tutoring service for our son. With your backgrounds, education, and personal experiences you were both well qualified to instruct Billy in your respective areas of expertise, but it was your personalities that really made the difference. The enthusiasm you brought to our home every week was unbelievable, and the way you both were instantly able to make Billy feel comfortable and unintimidated was amazing. He respected both of you, he listened to both of you, but more importantly, he really liked both of you. He actually looked forward to his tutoring sessions!

Bill and I hold you both in the highest regard. You were always willing to talk to us, answer our questions and advise us. When it came time for college selection and all that the applications entailed, your advice and help was invaluable. I honestly don’t think we could have done it with out you.

Did Billy’s SAT scores improve? Yes they did, dramatically. And even though that’s what we signed up for initially, now that I look back on it all, the higher scores just seem like an added bonus. You both gave Billy so much more. You gave him encouragement and a confidence in himself that wasn’t there before. You had a genuine concern for him and respect for him and he felt that. You both became so much more than Billy’s tutors- you became his friends, our friends- and you will both be missed very much.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Jill Dalton, Colts Neck High School Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

Early decision -Goode

Dear Marlee and Matt:

I just wanted to take a moment to write and let you know how much I appreciate everything you did for Gianna. As it turned out, you were much more than SAT tutors.

As you know, throughout the many months you worked with Gianna, she greatly improved her verbal and math skills, as well as her test taking skills. However, the most valuable results may have been less obvious to you than to me, her mother. Gianna gained so much confidence in her ability to succeed, and this gift you have given her will serve her well long after her SAT results are forgotten. Matt, I can still hear you, from the other room, telling Gianna that she “just thinks she doesn’t know how to do a math problem”. Marlee, I can still hear your kind voice encouraging Gianna, even when her answer was wrong, by finding something positive in her attempt, nonetheless. Neither of you ever questioned her competence, even when she did.

In such an uncertain time it has been a great comfort to Gianna to know that you were “with” her throughout it. She was accepted to her first choice school, Miami of Ohio, largely because of your instruction and encouragement. The SAT work, and the collaboration on her college essay obviously helped her to stand out in the crowd, since she was accepted by Early Decision. If you ever doubted that could happen, as she did, it never showed.

Words of thanks aren’t nearly enough. I will wholeheartedly recommend you to all my friends for their children. You once said that Gianna was your first student in your new business. Now, she is also your business’ first success.

Cathy Goode, Red Bank Catholic High School, RBC 2004 Red Bank, Monmouth County, NJ 07701

Home tutoring service Monmouth County -Fett

Andrea was very prompt. She really seemed to care about my daughter and really reinforced positive energy and encouragement. I am very pleased with Andrea and your home tutoring service.
Mary Ellen Fett, Marlboro High School Morganville, Marlboro, Monmouth County, NJ 07751

Decision -Citron

Although the official decision day is tomorrow....


Legacies that were rejected and waitlisted found out on Friday. Accepted legacies found out today.

Thank you again for helping to steer our kids. You have both helped our children more than my words can express. We are forever grateful!
Suzanne Citron, Phillips Exeter Academy Brielle, Monmouth County, NJ 08730

Chemistry tutoring -Marsden

January 30, 2015

As you know Luke's "year" for geometry ended this week. He took his geometry final and got a 90 on the exam. Yes a 90. Last semester he got a 71 on his midterm. We are so proud of him.

A lot of this obviously has to do with the help of Tosin. Tosin joined our family at the start of Luke's third marking period. Luke was struggling with math and it was his only class holding him back from making honor roll.

Tosin would come over once a week and work closely with Luke. Tosin has a similar personality like Luke. Somewhat quiet, laid-back and kind yet confident. They were a perfect match for each other. I would sit in another room and listen. As time went on I could hear them connecting more. Luke started to take off in geometry and it helped him with chemistry as well.

Luke's confidence with schoolwork changed. By that, I mean study habits. He became more aware of "doing well" all around and not giving up. Because of this, Luke made honor roll again this marking period.

Thank you for all your support. I know I would welcome back Tosin anytime and use your agency again.

All the best!
Diana S. Marsden, Ocean Township High School 2017 Oakhurst, Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07755

Study aids SAT test prep -Barry

We used WaveLength Tutoring for our son this past year. They were amazing in how they determined exactly what he needed to focus the most on for the SAT exam. They bought all of the necessary books and even bought study aids for the SAT II subject tests. The tutors were flexible if he needed to reschedule and they tutor in your home which is convenient. The tutors are professional and personable. If you want your child to fulfill their potential I highly recommend them.
Kristin Barry, St. Rose High School Spring Lake, Monmouth County, NJ 07762

Stress free SAT -Rogers

As parents we want the best for our children and agonize over decisions that impact their education and shape their future. The college application process is the pinnacle of parental and student angst. But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be and can actually be stress free and enjoyable for you and your child? Or that the SAT’s and other standardized testing can be mastered and your student will come to view these tests as a competition between themselves and the test makers? Sounds crazy, right? Well it’s not. I can honestly say through personal experience with my son and his friends that it is all possible with the help and guidance of WaveLength tutoring.

WaveLength tutors are professional, reliable, knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to the success of your child. The instructors got to know each students strengths and weaknesses through laid back conversations which enabled them to customize their individual programs. The tutor’s enthusiasm for the material made each session interesting and stimulating and left the students wanting for more. I was most impressed by their encouragement to the students to expand their preconceived notions of themselves and their abilities. It gave each of them the confidence to do extremely well on the standardized testing and to also reevaluate their college application choices to include their dream schools as attainable goals.

I wholeheartedly support and recommend Wavelength’s techniques, strategies and approach to the SAT’s and college application process. The company and instructors far exceeded all my expectations. I truly believe that if your student puts in the work that Wavelength’s program requires then they will be successful in their academic pursuits. My son and his friends are living proof and were all accepted to their number one school choices. As for my son, I am proud to say he was accepted early action to Yale College. He was also the recipient of an academic ROTC scholarship from the US Navy which provides 4 years full tuition and enables him to graduate Yale as an officer in the US Navy. I am eternally grateful for the guidance and support that Wavelength provided during my son’s journey in accomplishing his academic goals and dreams.

Kimberly Rogers, MCVSD, Marine Academy of Science and Technology, MAST Wayside, Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07712

Somerset County ACT tutoring -Jaworski

Hello Andrea.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are thrilled with Noelle's ACT score. We appreciate all your hard work and skill that went into guiding her.

We will be giving your name out whenever we can....thanks again.
Jeanette and John Jaworski, Villa Walsh High School 2015 Far Hills, Somerset County, NJ 07931

Schedule -Sedlak

Dear Marlee,

I just wanted to send you an email regarding my son Joe's SAT prep sessions with Daniel Sozomenu. My son just got his SAT scores from his testing in June and he went from 1610 to 1760, which is great! I completely attribute this increase to his SAT prep sessions with Daniel. Daniel was a pleasure to work with and he was so good with Joe, he also worked so hard to fit him into his schedule. We really cut it close to the test date but Daniel worked with us to get in as many sessions as possible. Please let him know how much we appreciate all his help.

Thank you,
Mary Sedlak, Rumson - Fair Haven High School, RFH Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ 07704

US History SAT -Nadler

Wanted to let you know that my son Justin had an excellent experience with both Kevin Francolini and Daniel Sozomenu. Kevin prepped Justin for the US History SAT subject test and Daniel prepped him for the SAT. Justin worked with Daniel over about a 9 month period. Daniel was very accommodating with his schedule, worked effectively with Justin, and we saw a big improvement in Justin's scores.

We plan to work with Daniel again for our other children.

Thank you.
Jay Nadler, Ranney School Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

SAT prep tutoring -Canetta

On behalf of the Colts Neck High School PTSO, I would like to offer you my recommendation for WaveLength SAT Prep Tutoring.

Last year the PTSO wanted to bring an SAT Prep Class to Colts Neck High School. We wanted to offer both the students and the parents the convenience of having an SAT prep class after school. After talking with numerous “big” SAT prep companies, WaveLength was recommended to me by someone who had used them for private tutoring. I contacted them and was very pleased with what they were offering. We had two sessions last year, winter and spring. We received excellent feedback from both the students and the parents.

Marlee Napurano and Matt Makrinos are professional, reliable and knowledgeable of the new SAT test. They have a way of getting through to the students. We will continue to use WaveLength this year for three sessions: fall, winter and spring. I highly recommend WaveLength to teach an SAT prep class in your school.
Maria Canetta, CNHS PTSO President, Colts Neck High School Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

Mathematics tutoring -Lanzieri

This is to attest that Matt Makrinos has been tutoring our daughter, Elissa Lanzieri, for a period of approximately one year.

Matt Makrinos is an extremely dedicated, responsible and most capable individual. He is not only extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter he is entrusted to teach, but he is also very perceptive of his student's existing abilities, capabilities and potential aptitude. We have found him to not only teach the subject matter, but also include teaching strategies that are all-encompassing. His approach with the student is not only to provide the necessary knowledge of the subject, but to instill the confidence in the students' capabilities and potential. Matt's objective is not to ensure the grades go; but, more importantly, that the child truly learns and understands the subject matter. In this approach, the grades are a result of, not the means.

Matt Makrinos also know how to render the subject interesting and enjoyable. e is completely involved in the success of his students. He is not the typical tutor who simply comes in, does his duty and collects his due. First, he tries to get to know your child, even in getting to know their personal interests, and then he caters his program around satisfying his/her needs as well as aspirations. His goal is to ensure that your child is successful and he this by consistently trying to challenge him/her and the encouraging their accomplishments.

Our daughter's weakness was Mathematics and she even built an aversion to the course. We have tried many tutors in the past, even certified teachers, but there was never any significant improvement. We were quite frustrated and discouraged; in fact, we were hesitant to even try another tutor. Fortunately, we me Mr. Makrinos, and he was able to change all that. He essentially led my daughter to not only understand the subject better, but also to enjoy it as well. She went from struggling in basic classes of Mathematics, to know successfully enjoying regular classes of Mathematics. That is quite an accomplishment, as now she is much more confident and capable of taking on more challenges, with out any trepidation. To our daughter he is not atutor but more like a mentor, as he always gives her great advice, even on how to approach certain difficult situations. He has definitely been a good positive influence in her life. There is no greater pleasure than to see your child feel good about themselves and approaching challenges in a positive manner.

We do not hesitate to give our highest recommendation to Matt Makrinos, and we are quite convinced that he will be worthy of the confidence he shall receive. There is absolutely no doubt in our mind, that Matt Makrinos' intellectual capacity and dedication will prove laudable.

Fabio and Maria Lanzieri, Holmdel High School Holmdel, Monmouth County, NJ 07733

Admissions testing Monmouth County -O'Rourke

Dear Matthew,

I have been meaning to write to you to let you know what a great job Daniel did with my son Jack. He really connected with him and helped him prepare for admissions testing. He achieved his goal and he is really having a great year! I think Daniel had a lot to do with getting him on track. I would not hesitate to have Jack work with Daniel again and have already recommended him and your company to others.

Mary Beth O'Rourke, Spring Lake, Monmouth County, NJ 07762

Academic support Monmouth County -Silverman

Dear Marlee,

Although I haven't had the pleasure to meet you personally, I am Brian Silverman, Emily's father. I wanted to take a moment to briefly share a few thoughts with you in connection with you and your firm's involvement with my daughter over the past few years.

Firstly, the tutoring support she received in physics and math was very helpful and successful. As you know, I'm sure, while Emily is remarkably self possessed for a person of her "tender years", she is also a very sensitive child and the academic support provided by you and your colleagues meant a great deal to her. Also, in that connection, believe the efforts spent in helping to prepare her for the SATs was likewise, very valuable and make a significant contribution to her success there.

Secondly, while I think that Emily's modesty and ingenuous tendencies might not allow her to fully appreciate the esteem in which she his held having been offered a part-time tutoring position in your firm, you may be sure it has escaped my notice. I think that it is a terrific experience for her, I am very proud of her, and flattered and grateful for your interest in inviting her into your professional circle.

Lastly, as I am sure you are aware, I am a dentist. I have, for eleven years now, been fortunate enough to have held a half-time position (in addition to a modest private practice) as the director of a small residency program in dentistry that is part of the Dept. of Med. Ed. at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ. In my capacity at the hospital, I receive stacks of applications from perspective candidates, replete with the usual assortment of essays and letters of recommendations. I wind up reading hundreds of recommendations every fall as we prepare to interview candidates. I must tell you that Emily shared with me, the letter you wrote in support of her application to Yale. I was absolutely blown away, and could barely keep myself from becoming emotionally overwhelmed. It was a most eloquent and thoughtfully composed letter. The sincerity and actions you took to express such an extraordinary degree of support left me astonished, bursting with pride for my daughter, and deeply grateful for your efforts. I was simply the best letter of recommendation I have ever read, both in content and composition.

I am also aware that you have personally spent many hours helping Emily "above and beyond" the contracted services to which you are committed, and that she has developed a very strong rapport with you and a high regard for your opinions, as well. I just wanted to let you know that I think you have been a wonderful mentor, role model, and friend to her, and I am looking forward to being able to personally express my gratitude at some point in the near future.

Thank you for everything.

Warm regards,
Brian Silverman, DMD, Director, Overlook Dental Care Center, Holmdel High School Holmdel, Monmouth County, NJ 07733

Feel empowered -Popovitch

Hi Marlee,

Rick and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Andrea just left and not only is Gabrielle happy she is so excited about working with Andrea. What a great fit. We can not express how relieved we feel. We have a long road ahead but finally feel empowered. So exciting! THANK YOU again.
Rick and Beth Popovitch, Brielle, Monmouth County, NJ 08730

Admissions counselor -Citron

This letter is in reference to WaveLength Tutoring and Test Prep.

My Name is Suzanne Citron, My husband and I have lived in New Jersey for 16 years. We have two children who attend Ranney School in Tinton Falls. Our daughter, Kyra is currently in the 8th grade. She has been at Ranney School since she was three.

Our journey with WaveLength started when our daughter returned from a school trip over the summer. Ranney School offered the middle school students an opportunity to travel to England for three weeks. They would stay at Charterhouse, just outside of London. On August 1st, Kyra asked us about her options for high school. We were under the impression that she would remain at Ranney School, as she truly loved her community and enjoyed her friends and faculty at Ranney. She explained to us that she wanted to apply to boarding school.


Needless to say, we were not prepared for what was ahead. After a few nights of research, we discovered that Kyra would be required to take the SSAT and achieve in the 2100+ range in order to even be considered an applicant for the schools of her choice. With only four short months, we had to start the process of test prep and applications.

Thankfully, we found Marlee and Matt. From the start, I knew that these two people could really help us. They each scheduled a meeting to meet with Kyra and assess her needs. They determined that Kyra would need four hours per week with Matt and two hours per week with Marlee. They were patient with Kyra and helped her to focus on the task areas at hand and not just the test as a whole. They both assigned homework to keep her continuing her work during the week and not loose momentum.

After six weeks, Kyra too the test for the first time in October. Her grades were solid, with a 2100 and was in the 76%, but we knew Kyra could do better. After a review of the test outcome, Matt focused on test strategy. Matt found that Kyra typically made careless errors. He spent great amounts of time showing her the flow of the test. He explained strategies for Kyra to remember during the exam, “if the question seems too easy and you are half way through the section - check it again - you may be wrong.” Just by using Matt’s simple reminder, Kyra learned to really focus on the test questions and not just the test as a whole. Marlee had determined that we really needed to increase vocabulary. We bought SAT prep flash cards and Kyra started to memorize words. Poor Kyra was in the throws of 8th grade at Ranney, prepping with Matt and Marlee and now learning over 300 new words! But Kyra’s attitude stayed positive because Matt and Marlee were always upbeat and energetic. They kept her calm and focused.

After six more weeks of test prep, Kyra took the test again in December. Marlee had bought Kyra a stuffed animal of a lamb for good luck! Kyra loves lambs, so to have Marlee give her one really gave Kyra a boost! I am proud to say that Kyra achieved a 2176 and is in the 89%. She is exactly were she needs to be for the schools she is focused on. Matt and Marlee were instrumental in this process. They gave support to Kyra as well as her parents. They took the time to teach, but also gave a great deal of time in discussion with us. They would go over Kyra’s needs and let us know where to focus. Without Matt and Marlee, we would never have been able to prep Kyra to this level. They were flexible with times and dates and both genuinely cared about Kyra. Matt and Marlee not only wanted Kyra to do well, but wanted Kyra to think she did well. They were her cheerleaders. Matt and Marlee gave her the knowledge for the exam and the confidence to succeed.

I would also like to add that during all this test prep, not only did she achieve her goals, but also we have seen a marked improvement in her grades at school. Thanks to WaveLength, she is a straight “A” student!

When it comes time for us to have SAT prep, I know who I am calling. Do you?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Suzanne Citron, Ranney School, Phillips Exter Academy Brielle, Monmouth County, NJ 08730

Scholastic aptitude -Rosenblum


I have known Matthew Makrinos and Marlee Napurano for over three years and have found their scholastic aptitude, teaching skills and acumen with the regards to the evaluation and management of the deficiency of students' educational background and the rectification of the same beyond reproach.

I wholeheartedly support their technique and strategies and believe that any student under their tutelage is bound to be successful with regards to academic pursuits.

Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional information.

Bruce R. Rosenblum, MD, FACS, MCVSD, Academy of Allied Health and Science Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722