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Opportunity -Sabatini

My experience with WaveLength SAT Tutoring was very worthwhile. I chose to get help from Matt with the mathematics section of the SAT and saw a significant improvement in my score. With his help, I was able to raise my score from a 660 to a 760. He taught me how to look at problems differently and how to pull the necessary information from the clutter.

I find that this skill he helped me develop has was useful on the test, but is also relevant in all facets of life. One special thing about my experience with WaveLength is that I genuinely looked forward to the sessions. It was not a chore to study, it was an opportunity to relax and discuss problem-solving.

With Matt's help, I was accepted to all of the schools to which I applied: The United States Naval Academy, The United States Coast Guard Academy, The Merchant Marine Academy, The University of PennsylvaniaVillanova, and Rutgers.
Stephen Sabatini, MCVSD, Marine Academy of Science and Technology, MAST 2013 Neptune, Monmouth County, NJ 07753

College decisions -Castano

Wavelength tutoring goes above and beyond what typical prep companies teach and instills lessons and thoughts that can be applied beyond the testing center. Last year I managed to help a scientist crystallize a mitochondrial protein complex known as MTERF4-NSUN4, which plays a role in ribosome biogenesis in the mitochondria. This work led to a publication in the scientific journal Structure, in which I was named a co-author on the paper.

When college decisions came back, my parents and I were ecstatic. I was accepted into Rutgers University, Boston College, Emory University, University of Virginia, Williams College, Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, Brown University, Columbia University, and Yale University.

Matt and Marlee taught me more than just how to take a test. They taught me how to approach a problem from different angles, and how to use a variety of different techniques and ideas to solve it. The value of this approach cannot be measured. Sometimes the answer to a question is not found within a textbook, but is built through the use of a thousand different ideas that are used in combination with one another to create a unique and powerful solution.
Steve Castano, MCVSD, Academy of Allied Health and Science 2013, Yale Class 2017 Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07712

Howell SAT class -Winkley

This class was the first actual SAT class I have taken and it will definitely help me on Saturday. I have learned new strategies and techniques I can use to my advantage on all sections of the test.

Hi it's Emma from your SAT class. I looked at my results and I got an 800 on the math section! Thanks for all of your help.
Emma Winkley, Saint Rose High School 2016 Howell, Monmouth County, NJ 07731

College consultant -Paige


I know this has taken a while to write, but it has been quite the process deciding what college I am going to attend. First I would just like to thank you for helping me. I know you had many other students, and it means a lot to know that you were willing to take the time to do this for me. Although the college application procedure was difficult, your passion during writing sessions made me really enjoy the process. I will be attending Dickinson College in south central Pennsylvania. Once again thank you very much!

Satchel Paige, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2007 Rumson, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

SAT prep -Reynolds

WaveLength has been nothing short of phenomenal. Nobody can make SAT prep fun and exciting, but they certainly made it much more than test prep. Matt took the math section far beyond calculating. He spent an enormous amount of energy figuring out exactly what my weaknesses were and tailored lessons specifically to them. Not only did he help raise my SAT math score, he changed the way I approach any math problem. My math grades in school saw a 10 point improvement since the beginning of my lessons with Matt. As if that wasn’t plenty enough, Matt has had a profound impact on my daily life as a whole. Lessons like “Don’t doubt yourself, doubt your work” are applicable anywhere and will remain so for many years to come. Matt cares about your test scores and your all out mental improvement, quantitatively and emotionally. He is the kind of man you never really forget.

Daniel helped improve my weakest sections, reading and writing, by breaking it down in the eyes of a test writer. He helped me organize my thought process when tackling the Reading and Writing and broke the essay into a foolproof formula. He also took our lessons beyond the test; I had an average vocabulary and now I still enjoy learning new words.

Anna Rose was extremely helpful in training me for the subject test. With a well-rounded background in the sciences and high level math, she was able to explain any concept in thorough yet understandable detail. She constantly showed up with extra material that she had personally researched and printed out and I was always impressed with her dedication to my success.

As the oldest, and with a foreign mother, my parents were very unsure of the college process but our meeting with Marlee cleared up all our questions and allowed us to approach college applications much more confidently. Her experience has made her one of the most valuable sources I’ve ever had in college information and I am so thankful to have discussed the process with her. To put this all in one sentence: I STRONGLY RECOMMEND WAVELENGTH SAT PREP.

Thanks so much guys!
Max Reynolds, Rumson-Fair Haven High School 2015, Cornell University 2019 Locust, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

Discussing SAT tactics -Gurzo

Matt and Marlee are very good at what they do. They are extremely knowledgeable and informative when discussing SAT tactics. On top of this, they are also good teachers, possibly the best I've ever had in my 12 years of education. In all honesty, I wish that my school teachers were as good as Matt and Marlee.
Seneca Kinn-Gurzo, St. Rose High School 2016 Manasquan, Monmouth County, NJ

SAT prep courses, Wall Township, New Jersey, Monmouth, Ocean County, NJ

Scholarship -Rogers

To whom it may concern,

I am going to be frank with you, WaveLength has changed my life. It’s not that they somehow made me smarter, Matt and Marlee simply helped me recognize my full potential; and I know, for a fact, that they can do the same for you. The tutors at WaveLength approach their job with a passion and a dedication that you could never imagine; they aim to not only have their students succeed on the SAT but to prosper in all aspects of their academia. Their methods have increased my SAT score by over 300 points and gave me the confidence to not just get above a 700 on every section but to expect an 800.

The tutors work one-on-one with their pupils to help them understand both their strengths and weaknesses, and they teach them how to capitalize on both. With conviction, I can say that Marlee and Matt knew me as well as I do by the end of our weeks together. Every tutor will become a teacher, a friend, and a role model for their students; and they will see them succeed. They will expect more out of you than you ever deemed possible and you will find, with a little bit of work, that the impossible has in fact always been possible.

This is no gimmick. My name is Taylor Rogers and I am a high school senior. Next year, I will be attending Yale University on a full NROTC scholarship. With the help of the tutors at WaveLength I was able to beat the SAT and to submit a college application not to be reckoned with. I still wake up every morning and pinch myself because I am living my dream, and I know that you can be living yours. I leave you with every conceivable recommendation to work with WaveLength, it is worth every single cent and so much more.

Taylor Rogers, MCVSD, Marine Academy of Science & Technology, MAST 2013, Yale College 2017 Wayside, Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07712

College testing prep -Barry

Although extremely belated, I would like to thank both of you for all you have done to help me in my college testing prep, search, and application process. I looked forward to seeing both of you every session; your attitudes and personalities were so inspiring!

Matt: I carry with me the skills you taught me on how to approach and conquer the problems that may seem difficult, but underneath are nothing I cannot handle (this is an awesome lesson that applies to so much more than math!)

Marlee: you made vocabulary and the topic of literature cool! I was enlightened by your awesome energy and found a new passion for in English in my AP Lit class this year. Both of you helped me achieve the happiness that I now have after being accepted (EA) to and deciding to attend Boston College in the fall! I would love to see and talk with both of you again soon! Have a great summer!!

Austin Barry, Christian Brothers’ Academy, CBA 2013, Boston College 2017 Spring Lake, Monmouth County, NJ 07762

Private college consulting -Johnson

Hi Marlee,

I hope this message finds you well. I came across this e-mail from you urging me to look into the CH department at Tufts as a high school senior. Fast forward four years and you'll find a CH and Spanish double major, accomplished thesis writer (I interviewed 20 hispanic backstretch workers-- 10 H-2B and 10 undocumented in Spanish and determined whether or not the H-2B guest worker program, in its current model, could serve as a large-scale national program for our nation's undocumented workers--soon to be published (fingers crossed), and departmental award winner. I decided not to delete this e-mail in my comprehensive inbox purge and instead reflected on the impact you have had on my academic and life trajectory. I've never been able to articulate how your guidance throughout my senior year not only helped improve my SAT scores, but more importantly forced me to look inward and really discover my own interests and passions and begin to formulate my "life plan". I am now at graduate school at tufts, pursuing an MPH. I am applying to medical school next fall.

I work as a volunteer interpreter at the Parker Clinic in Red Bank and at a free clinic here in Boston. Honduraide is still up and running and I'm focusing on procuring funding for a new burn unit. This fall, I TA-ed Intro to community health.

This is a long-overdue thank you but I hope you are doing well and enjoying getting to know another Johnson family member (only one more left after Alessandra…!). As an extension of our verbal sessions, I continue to barrage Alessandra with SAT vocab (she may not be the biggest fan BUT she did state that my continued use of "egregious" helped her decide between gregarious and egregious on the SAT).

PS: At Tufts, I developed a relationship with the admissions counselor who read my application. I will forever be known in the admissions department as "nalgene girl."

Anna Rose Johnson, Ranney School 2008, Tufts University 2012 Oceanport, Monmouth County, NJ 07757

SAT tutoring sessions -Littleson

Sophomore year, I was grateful to accept Vanderbilt’s offer to play for their Women’s Lacrosse program. I knew that the offer came with high expectations, expectations I was determined to meet. But, after many stressful months of SAT classes, and different SAT tutoring sessions, nothing seemed to be working and I soon began to lose some faith in myself. This all turned around when I first met Marlee.

She not only became one of my biggest supporters but she ultimately gave me back my confidence and my drive to get the scores I needed. Marlee devotes 110% of herself to her students, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her dedication. Her approach with me was much different than my past experiences with other tutors. She knew right off the bat my strengths and my weaknesses, and focused directly on those weaknesses turning them into even more strengths. In the end, this improved my score dramatically.

I will never forget the day when I finally received my scores on that June SAT. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and I finally could breathe again. Going into senior year I will constantly be reminded how lucky I am for the opportunities I have been given, and especially for Marlee who stuck by me and helped me to make my opportunities a reality!

Jacqueline Littleson, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2016 Rumson, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

Best teacher ever! -Hermo

Dear Wavelength,

Andrea Goldman is the best teacher ever!  I know a lot of students say that about their SAT Math teacher, but this one is not like any other I have had.

My previous teacher I had was not good at all.  She told me to do a lot of with barely an explanation on the answers I got wrong.  Andrea gives a good amount of work considering it is a summer course that ends in about 3-4 weeks.  She is also reasonable if you are not able to complete it all because right now I am starting my college processes for Nursing and it is time consuming.  Also, Andrea gives great explanations on the answers I got wrong if I did not understand it when I went back to redo.

Andrea uses great resources to make us understand why our answer is right or wrong.  Her system works very well for my fellow classmate and me.  If she were in a Math SAT teaching tournament, she deserves a 1st place ribbon for the way she teaches and the way she makes us understand what we did wrong in our practices.

Andrea Goldman is the best SAT WaveLength teacher ever!
Daniel B. Hermo, Northern Highlands Regional High School, 2016 Allendale, Bergen County, NJ 07401

College preparation -Palecki

WaveLength was the best thing that ever happened to my college preparation. I learned so many things about the SAT and was able to significantly increase my score in every section to a total of 2260.

In addition to tips and tricks, WaveLength gave me the confidence to succeed on the test. Marlee was amazing and significantly helped me with writing and critical reading. Matt was awesome and helped me realize that I knew the answers. WaveLength was very helpful, but more importantly it motivated me to achieve the highest possible score.

WaveLength was so much fun! Marlee and Matt were very friendly and easy to talk to. We enjoyed ourselves even when we were studying. The program helped me conquer the SAT. My high score is critical to my acceptance at the University of Pennsylvania where I will be attending this fall.

Thank you WaveLength! :-D
Julia Palecki, Ranney 2013, University of Pennsylvania 2017 Marlboro, Monmouth County, NJ 07746

University admissions consultants -Gordon

Wavelength has profoundly impacted my college journey. Through its caring and individualized process, Wavelength has helped me attain admission to my top choice university. I cannot thank Matt and Marlee enough for their time, patience, and unique approach to test-taking.
Alex Gordon, MCVSD, Marine Academy of Science and Technology, MAST 2014 Atlantic Highlands, Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ 07748

Critical Reading improvement -Telfer

I spent the summer prior to my junior year of high school confined to a chair in the dining room solving basic geometry problems out of Barron’s SAT Math Workbook and passage based critical reading questions out of The Official SAT Study Guide. Little did I know, I was teaching myself the wrong techniques and ultimately setting myself up for mediocrity.

In September I decided to sign up for the PSAT to see where my self- studying would take me. That Saturday morning I walked out of the PSAT testing center and knew I had done something terribly wrong. Several months after my scores came back, my guidance counselor suggested I give Wavelength Tutoring and Test Prep a call. A week or so later I met Ms. Andrea Goldman and she made a huge difference in my approach to the SAT.

Andrea came over twice a week to help maximize my score. Tuesday’s were always exciting because we used dry erase boards. If I performed well on the homework Andrea would give me a brightly colored marker and when I was spectacular I got to choose which colored marker I would like to use. Throughout high school I took advanced math classes and thought solving algebraic equations would come to me as naturally as it did in middle school - I was wrong. We would spend hours correcting my algebraic imperfections and deciphering complex word problems. Andrea broke up verbose word problems and never failed to remind me to show all of my work.

On Thursday’s we would take out The Official SAT Study Guide and work on passage-based reading. Critical Reading was a struggle for me and it reflected in my SAT results. My poor performance was a direct result of my lack of interest in reading. My peers told me that critical reading is the most difficult section to improve relative to the other sections. Andrea was able to share her knowledge of the test and dissect sentences in order to help me focus on what the writers were trying to convey. She supplied me with shortcuts to solving sentence completions and taught me how to make effective flashcards. Within a month I was able to improve my critical reading score by one hundred points.

She also took the time to teach me the basics of writing an essay. Andrea customized her approach to best teach me the material. We would often share laughs over our favorite movies and novels as she helped me come up with examples to support my thesis statement. On late nights Andrea would even bring snacks to help me focus and bagels on Saturday’s just to say “good morning.” Often times I was Andrea’s last student of the day and she liked to stay a couple minutes later to help me get over my fear of taking the SAT.

When my scores came back I was so excited! In just over a month I was able to increase my score by one hundred and seventy points. Thanks to Andrea and the scores she helped me attain, I will be attending Cornell University in the fall, and was accepted into Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Wake Forest University.

During that stressful month of preparation, Andrea was as my cheerleader. Her enthusiasm was liberating and her confidence in my abilities encouraged me to work harder than I ever have in high school. Andrea loves to teach, her instruction is both content and strategy based, and her personality is warmer than anyone I have ever met.
Laura Telfer, Jackson Liberty High School 2014, Cornell University 2018 Jackson, Ocean County, NJ 08527

SAT information -Hozayen

Wavelength was a great experience. I learned the strategies necessary to succeed and felt myself improving with every class; This ensured that I was always motivated to do the work for the course. The classes themselves were actually quite enjoyable. Marlee is a pleasure to be around and so much can be learned from her, and that isn't limited to SAT information. With her help I achieved an 800 in critical reading! Matt is an awesome teacher who instills confidence in his students. With their help I got a 2200 and into Cornell University!
Omar Hozayen, Ranney 2013, Cornell University 2017 Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

After school classes -Price

My experience with Wavelength was great overall. Not only did I see an increase in my score, but I actually enjoyed going to the after school classes. The program teaches some different and eye-opening techniques that help make the problems much more approachable. The insight that I gained with Wavelength’s classes and private tutoring helped me increase my score by 230 points.

While starting out in the classroom, I quickly learned that the tutors are extremely dedicated and qualified. They not only have a comprehensive understanding of the SAT, but also a gift for working with young adults. Their group can relate to students well. Knowing that each student is different, they set aside time one on one to figure out the individual problems that the students face. The tutors get to know each student on a personal level, allowing them to draw connections to how they think about the SAT problems, with how they face problems in the real world. On the English side, I learned how to find the right answer with more accuracy and simplicity, while simultaneously cutting down the time it takes to do so. In Math, I was taught how to break down the tests into sections and how to find the most direct route to the correct response. All of it required much practice and hard work, but I was so thrilled with my Wavelength experience, that once the classes ended, I continued with private tutoring in Math to increase my score.

Applying to some of the best and most competitive undergraduate business schools in the country, I knew that I needed to have a high math score in order to be accepted. And I knew exactly who to call. Matt, having had me in the class before, understood my obstacles. We delved deeper to figure out how to receive the score I needed. Matt discovered that my problems were all mental, and worked with me as a coach would. We spent hours, often overtime, to increase my speed, build confidence, and approach each problem with the Wavelength strategy that significantly increased accuracy. I could really feel how he was rooting for me and truly cared about my success. After much practice, my math score increased by an additional 100 points, helping me land a spot at my number one school choice. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Most SAT tutors drill students with problems and lectures, teaching all of the vocabulary, grammar, and math that is needed on the SAT. With that said, however, students taking the SAT have already learned most of what is on the test. Everyone needs a refresher, so Wavelength of course provides that, but it is mostly about strategy and practice. If a student puts the work in that the program demands, he or she can expect an excellent outcome.
Madison Price, Ranney 2013, University of Richmond 2017 Navesink, Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ 07748

Rumson ACT tutoring -Paulus

Andrea deserves all of the praise she can get- I jumped from a 25 to a 30 on the ACT!

Andrea not only taught me strategies I needed to improve my Science, Reading and English scores, but she also gave me the confidence I was lacking. When she saw me improving during our sessions, she told me that I could replicate the same results on test day and she made me proud of the progress I was making. Lessons were fun, motivating, and productive. She helped me see the test as "smaller" than it is, which made me less anxious. I would definitely recommend Andrea to anyone who needs a score and confidence boost! :)
Emma Paulus, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2017 Little Silver, Monmouth County, NJ 07739

SAT process -Roberts

Marlee Napurano and Matthew Makrinos have changed my life. I always classified myself as a hard working student, but I never saw myself as smart. It was not until I met Matt and Marlee did I realize my capabilities.

The SAT is a funny thing. It is a test given to us on one Saturday morning where we are expected to perform at our best for four hours straight and yield a score of four perfect numbers- talk about a pressure cooker. My struggle with the SAT was not the material on the test itself, but with the mindset I brought to the test. I would enter the test room and think of my future and not the test before me. This mentality caused my scores to serve as a poor reflection of my comprehension of the material. I took out my frustration by forcing myself to take practice tests every week and sometimes twice in one week.

Marlee and Matt are not only the most interesting, impressive, intelligent, and inspirational people I have ever met, but also the most insightful. Matt and Marlee soon recognized my inefficient study habits. My way of absorbing information had hurt me rather than helped me. I had to re-evaluate and change who I was and how I learned. This was no small feat.

I can honestly state that without Matt and Marlee I would not be the scholar or the person I am today. I learn because I am curious and not because I need a 2400 (although it would be nice). Wavelength never failed to remind me of the bigger picture- my life and all of the tremendous things I would accomplish. Without their constant encouragement and support to guide me through not only this SAT process, but also my educational career I would not be the confident, smart, and empowered young woman that I am today.

Yes, Wavelength is a phenomenal tutoring and test prep program. That is evident with my 370-point jump on my SATs and a score I am so proud of, but Wavelength gives one so much more than that. Marlee and Matt have provided me with lessons and ways of approaching not only the test but also life, which I will always carry with me.

Elizabeth Roberts, Ranney School 2015, University of Pennsylvania 2019 Deal, Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ

Correct answers -Moeller

I have had so much fun showing up to class every week. I've learned the test strategy and simple steps to conquering the SAT which I feel I couldn't have done without. Both Marlee and Matt were fun and very wise teachers. When I went to Matt every Thursday I knew I wasn't only reviewing math but taking a philosophy course. I loved it! Marlee is awesome and funny. She has a great way of showing you how to arrive at correct answers and crossing out the bad ones. Teachers like Matt and Marlee are extremely hard to come by.
Devin Moeller, Point Pleasant Borough High School 2017 Point Pleasant, Ocean County, NJ 08742

Marlboro SAT scores -Brodsky

Hey Matt!

You told me to email you when I got my SAT's back!


here they are.

I got a 1500 and a 2160...so its a 790 in critical reading, 710 in math, and 660 in writing, which is pretty horrible about the writing but i'm over it. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! This could legit be the best day of my whole life; I am never taking them again!

but my mom actually wants me to take them again because my college counselor said that they're not good enough to get into Columbia, so I was going to ask your opinion??

Thanks!! and THANKS again!
Rachel Brodsky, The Ranney School 2010 Marlboro, Monmouth County, NJ, 07746

Monmouth County college counselor -Giblin

When I began working with Matt and Marlee at Wavelength, the SAT was the most intimidating hurdle of my college process. I knew the scores I needed to achieve to be accepted into my first choice college, but the gap between where I was and where I needed to be seemed impossible to bridge. Immediately, they were able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. Matt helped me to simplify the math problems by recognizing patterns that I could see; the questions became easier, and I learned that the errors I made were silly mistakes in my own work. “Trust your process, not your work,” is a strategy that I now implement in all aspects of my life. Similarly, Marlee helped me to create a systemized approach to the reading and English sections of the SAT, that not only helped me to achieve my scores but also enriched my learning and understanding of literature in all other aspects of school and life.

The most meaningful part of my experience with Wavelength is that I have now have mentors, not just for my SAT, but for life. The lessons Matt and Marlee taught me are ones that I will carry with me and apply to my studies at Dartmouth College in the fall of 2016.
Audrey Giblin, Laurel Springs School 2016, Dartmouth College 2020 Monmouth Beach, Monmouth County, NJ 07750

Understanding -Gooch

The SAT is one of the most important tests you can take in your pre-adult life. No matter what GPA you accumulate or extra curricular resume you may manage to piece together, there will always be the matter of your simple and undiscriminating SAT scores. It just a number, and yet it is so much more than that.

I’m a strong student; Matt and Dan never had to change my work ethic or teach me math and grammar. While I’m sure they could have revamped my entire understanding of the subjects, they did something even more impressive. My tutors took the knowledge and understanding that I already had and squeezed extra points out of it. By simply teaching my brain how to think about and approach problems, they molded me into a better test taker. The night before my second and final attempt at the SAT, I sat down with Matt and identified a critical error in my test taking. I knew how to solve any math problem they would give me, but I would time and time again make careless errors. That night we developed a new method for marking and checking problems, a method that on each section saved me one or two careless errors. This no doubt led to the 130 point rise in my math score. That night sitting with Matt in my living room, I knew we had arrived at something innovative for my test taking, and I never would have achieved an 800 without it. Matt knew my abilities better than I did and was able to address my weaknesses with amazing insight. Not only did I build upon my skills while with Matt and Dan, but I enjoyed every minute I spent working with them.

Matt and Dan were nothing less than the best teachers I could ask for. My only regret is that living in a boarding school I couldn’t spend more time working with them.

Thank You
Stefan Gooch, Lawrenceville 2013, Boston College 2017 Rumson, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

Great class -Pederson

I feel that you guys run a great class. You show us that the SAT is not as hard as it seems. I wouldn’t of wanted any other SAT class other then this one. I am very confident that I will do well on my SAT’s because this class has helped me out a lot. I am very happy that I chose this class. Thank you Matt and Marlee
K. Pederson, Colts Neck High School Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

Impossible SAT -Sheehan

I definitely thought that this class was worth the time, and the test taking strategies will undoubtedly be a lot of help. I finally found a new way to look at previously impossible SAT math problems and I don’t get caught up in all the crappy details of the verbal passages anymore. Matt and Marlee, you guys are awesome people.
C. Sheehan, Colts Neck High School Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

ACT tutoring -Fett

I believe that the ACT tutoring helped me in many ways. Without Andrea’s help, I would have been lost come test day. I have improved greatly and appreciate everything she has done!
Amanda Fett, Marlboro High School 2006 Morganville, Marlboro, Monmouth County, NJ 07751

Critical Reading scores -Kryzanekas

I liked the way Matt would keep everyone involved and come into class with the attitude that he wants to be there and try to get everyone to do better and progress. He and Marlee both shared helpful tips and SAT habits that would help me. I would not have done as well on the test if I did not take this class. I felt that my writing and critical reading scores jumped a lot because of Marlee and I also think that with Matts help I was able to work out some of the kinks in my math. He helped motivate me and so did Marlee.
Eric Kryzanekas, Colts Neck High School 2014 Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

Think test -Cowley

I believe I have learned a lot during these classes. There was a lot of tricks and test techniques that I learned that really helped me out on the SAT. Also, this class changed the way I think about the test.

Thank you Matt and Marlee

Devin Cowley, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2015 Sea Girt, Monmouth County, NJ 08750

Athlete SAT prep tutoring -McCue

Dear WaveLength tutoring and test prep,

It is difficult to know where to begin recommending someone you admire. Marlee’s influence and instruction this past year have been vital in my growth as a student and as a person.

As an athlete, I learned early that confidence was central for success. Before meeting Marlee however, I only really had confidence in myself as an athlete. She helped me realize that I had talents, and abilities outside of swimming. This new self-assurance aided me on the SAT’s as well as in my writing on my college applications and in my classes.

Thank you, Marlee!

Mary McCue, Red Bank Regional, RBR 2003, Columbia University 2007 Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, NJ 07702

Test habits -Young

I just want to thank you guys in advance for everything I’ve learned over the last 6 weeks; mainly about my test habits and what I need to change to achieve my goals. That sounded super cheesy when I re-read that but it’s true.
Maddie Young, Ranney School 2014 Rumson, Monmouth County, NJ 07760

SAT classes Middletown NJ -Haney

I completely underestimated how awesome and helpful these SAT classes would be, especially where math is concerned (just because I’m already pretty solid in english). Thank you so much Matt and Marlee! I’m really bad at writing these things, but suffice to say that you guys have definitely been a positive thing in my life.
Elinor Haney, Ranney School 2014 Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ 07748

Real SAT score -Khademhir

Hey Matt and Marlee I would just like to say you guys have really helped make more confident in both my math and reading skills and about the SATs in general. I am glad I enrolled in these classes and have definitely improved my real SAT score from my PSAT scores. Thank you again and please, continue to help kids in the future as they will surely need it!
Rayan Khademhir, Colts Neck High School 2014 Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722

Perspectives -Guss

I could write about my WaveLength experience for hours, days, weeks, and so on. This test prep program opened my eyes to new perspectives on the SAT test. Before starting the 6 week program, I bit my nails if anyone dared to speak about the SATs. Now my mentality has ben altered drastically. I know I am capable of being a beast on test day... thanks to the infamous duo: Matt and Marlee. I cannot thank you enough for enabling me to see how well I will be able to beat this test.
Sarah Guss, MCVSD, Marine Academy of Science and Technology, MAST 2015 Wayside, Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07712

Math class -Maiden

I had a wonderful experience with WaveLength. The SAT Math class was very one-on-one, and I learned how to think about the SAT in a way I could not have learned through a book alone. Matt was extremely knowledgeable about the SAT and was a great teacher overall. The class was challenging in that we were always expected to perform at our best, but Matt’s high expectations of us were what made me improve so much. My first SAT Math score from after the class was a 720. I finished with an 800! I would definitely recommend WaveLength tutoring to anyone looking to learn how to not just gain points, but how to really know the SAT and how to be prepared for every question on the test.
Alice Maiden, MCVSD, Marine Academy of Science and Technology, MAST 2015, Princeton University 2019 Ocean Township, Monmouth County, NJ 07712

Primary essay help -Johnson

Hi Marlee,

I hope this message finds you well. I was accepted to Robert Wood Johnson medical school!! (my top choice!) I want to thank you again for your help over the summer in providing the scaffolding for my primary essay. I can't properly articulate how much your continuos support has meant to me throughout the past 7 (can you believe it?) years. I hope our paths cross again soon. Thank you.
Anna Rose Johnson, The Ranney School 2008 Oceanport, Monmouth County, NJ 07757

Grammar -Carey

Prior to meeting with Marlee, I had been belligerently convinced that I didn't need help with the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT. I had always been a "word kid" rather than a "math kid", and figured I would just figure it out on test day. However, I am so glad I decided to book my first session with Marlee. At first I thought I would just be hearing the same things I have always heard: read the passage and write notes, study vocab, learn your grammar rules, etc., but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Marlee started our session with just getting to know me as a person and test-taker. Even after the first hour I felt comfortable enough with her to ask any question I needed to or to laugh about the (sometimes ridiculous) subject matter of reading passages. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that Marlee's strategies and approaches were unique and could be tailored to fit me specifically. She was very honest and upfront about what I needed to do more of to be successful and what I could skimp on based on that.

She helped me have confidence in myself going into the Writing section, and after our last session before the test (we ended up having three or four) she gave me a straightforward plan for what I should be focusing on the most as the test approached. As for Reading, which I've had a slight penchant towards but have never been great at, (I got a 59 on the PSAT which is equivalent to a 590 on the real deal, and had been scoring pretty low 600's on practice tests) Marlee made sure that I knew I had potential and showed me exactly how to manifest it. Her strategy of reading-not-reading the passages, which I was at first a bit skeptical towards, ended up being my saving grace. When I mentioned it to my friends, they all haughtily remarked that it was ridiculous or risky...until I ended up with an 800 on test day.

Overall, both my Writing and Reading scores are exactly where I needed to be, and despite what I initially thought, I definitely wouldn't have gotten there without Marlee. She was a great person to meet with and learn from, and I would recommend her to anybody who has even the slightest potential to score high in reading/writing (which is everyone).

Thank you so much Wavelength and Marlee!
Aileen Carey, Rumson-Fair Haven High School, RFH 2016 Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ 07704

Admissions -Finan

Matt and Marlee,

Great news! Although I wasn't able to get that 800 in math (my highest math is a 700), I got an 800 in BOTH writing and critical reading!

I can't thank you enough for all of your help! Without a doubt, the SAT was the most intimidating hurdle that I faced in the college admissions process. I will be forever grateful for your advice that allowed me to look at the SAT through a different lens and raise my score by 400 points. I sincerely thank you because those 400 points would have been wasted away as unrealized potential had it not been for the time that both of you spent with me.

Today, I write to you as a Notre Dame student--something I have been hoping to say one day since I first met you--and I thank you for allowing me to reach my full potential; I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much for changing my approach to this test and, quite frankly my outlook on life!

Go Irish!
Michael Finan, Christian Brothers' Academy, CBA 2014, Notre Dame 2018 Fair Haven, Monmouth County, NJ 07704

Guidance -McGeehan

Thank you so much for all of your guidance and knowledge these past four years. I would not be attending Holy Cross this fall without your help! I am eternally grateful!!

Paige McGeehan, Red Bank Catholic High School, RBC 2013 Spring Lake, Monmouth County, NJ 07762

SAT test-taking strategies -Pasch

Dear Matt and Marlee,

To simply say thank you would be an understatement. Through weekly meetings and phone call conversations, I have learned more than just SAT test-taking strategies and study habits.

Matt, you taught me an entirely unique approach to math problems that I’ve seen and solved for years. I immediately applied these same processes in school and the results were obvious. My 800 math scores on the SAT and SAT-II subject test are a direct reflection of our work together. I owe it all to you!

Marlee, your patience and optimism throughout the huge piles of colorful flashcards and assorted reading passages gave me confidence in areas I struggled most in. You truly made me a better reader and writer. But it was the long conversations about history, literature, and current events that left the greatest impression. You brought shades of gray to my stubborn, black and white outlook—I’m sure my parents are most appreciative for this!

As a company, WaveLength far exceeded all of my expectations. On a personal level, Matt and Marlee, you are more than just influential mentors; you were both key components of my high school growth and I truly appreciate the friendships we built. I will be forever grateful. Thank you again!
Alexandra Pasch, WHRHS Class of 2013 Warren, Somerset County, NJ 07059

Valuable SAT knowledge -Parlamas

Thanks so much WaveLength! You were instrumental in helping me achieve the score I wanted to achieve on the SAT.

Before sessions with Matt, my score was well below where I wanted it to be. Matt was able to teach me a systematic, strategic way of approaching the test. He also provided me with valuable SAT knowledge and testing strategies to deal with questions that did not easily come to me. He helped me raise my score several hundred points in both math and verbal sections, which made the college process much less stressful.

I just recently graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Looking back, I couldn't be happier I chose WaveLength.

George Parlamas, The Ranney School 2010, Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania 2014 Colts Neck, Monmouth County, NJ 07722